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Thoughts from a older grad student
As year two of graduate school will be starting next week, I've been reflecting over the past twelve months.  I know when I first decided to return to college, I knew I wasn't going to be just an adult student - I was going to be an older adult student.  It...

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Christmas Thought 2016
The only bit of Christmas
decorating I did this year was to pull out our Advent set.   As I lit the candles and read over the
Scriptures, it was my late husband’s voice I heard.   A treasured memory - Bobby reading the words
of Romans 15:13.    May the God ...

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There are three things which are
always true.   No matter what happens, no
matter when or where you are, there are three things which you can always hold
on to as TRUTH!             First, God
Loves You !   As a matter of fact, God
loves you even if you don...

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Stray Cat Lesson
So I have this stray cat
that showed up at my house a few months ago.   It’s a cute cat with shiny black fur and huge eyes.  I’m a good person and I have compassion
towards the poor homeless cat.   I start
putting out a bit of food, then a bowl of water, an...

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Thankful in the Waiting
Recently I gave myself a
prayer challenge.   That challenge is that
for a week or so I will only pray with a total attitude of gratitude.   Too often, I’ve found myself praying more
along the lines of “God, I want…” and “God, I need…”.   I know that God doe...

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Advent - Hope
I've spent a great deal of time pondering over the question of what to do about Christmas.   It is the first Christmas without my
husband.   There is sadness just in
admitting that fact.   One thing is
certain; Christmas at our home will look different this...

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The Gratitude List
The holidays are approaching
quickly.   It is a time of joy, excitement,
and anticipation for many.   This time of
year can also be touched with sadness, especially as we think of those who will
not be with us this year.   A really good habit
(that I’m not ...

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