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This is what we've been up to lately..... and what we're sharing now, daily blogging about converting/troubleshooting/using powder printers with fooooooood!

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We will present our VIT laser sintering 3D printer final prototype at Makerfaire Rome this weekend.

After that, we plan to run a Kickstarter campaign.Stay in touch through our newsletter or contact directly if you are interested.

#sls #vit #3dprinter

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A peek into one of our prep weeks before our +3DigitalCooks 3d food printing workshop at +FabCon-3D earlier in the summer.

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Switch up your donation rotation and send some over the this life-changing project from +Florian Horsch 
### FabLab Opening near Refugee Camp in Greece ###

Within the next days we are opening #HabibiWorks ( in #Katsikas (Northern Greece).

With a size of 725 m^2 it will be one of the biggest European #FabLabs, currently featuring seven 3D printers, a laser cutter, wood-, metal-, textile- and silk screen printing workshops.

What's special about it? It's only 200 meters away from a refugee camp. So this is not only about making, but also building perspectives and connecting the local community with people in need from various countries.

Get a sneak peak of the lab here:

Let me know if you want to join the effort or if you have any questions :-) Consider donating, if you want to share your gadget budget for a great cause:

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Please add on more in the comments on the article! 7 Printable Tools worth adding to your Workbench. #3dprinting

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This Raspberry Pi RFID door lock is pretty impressive. The NFC technology would allow for a key fob, mobile phone or any other integrated device to open your home (which is great if like me, you tend to 'misplace' your keys a fair bit.)

Now… we’re not suggesting you should implant an NFC chip into your hand… but if you did...

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Venduino is an Arduino Uno-based vending machine: 
Animated Photo

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New release: 1.2.12

A fresh release with lots of bug fixes (especially some for some quite annoying issues) and improvements. A true maintenance release for once ;)


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Final call for tickets to our +3DigitalCooks *3D Food Printing Workshop* next week during  +FabCon-3D in Erfurt, Germany!

#foodie   #foodtech   #foodhack   #3dprint   #3DFP   #Erfurt   #foodblogger   #3dprinted  
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