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Fitra Latupono
berkawand itu menyenangkan ^___^
berkawand itu menyenangkan ^___^

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It's funny when they blocked even just a simple manga sites >:( #ineedmangahere

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My Chinese Fever
Hi. such a long time (>o<)/  well, lately I've been busy studying and teaching at the same time, while also sooo into this 1 particular man named  黄景瑜. He driving me crazy. He got all that a man should has, as for me, he got beyond those perfection. As to k...

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Some type of living
Dear blog, how u doing? tonight i'm just feel like writing down random things on you :D Ok. first thing is this past 3 weeks, I've been bothered by thoughts of the end of my life. Sounds creepy yet scary right?. I was wondering, what would it like when i ha...

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my Lose Weight desire
been a loooooong time since my last post here. kinda forget the password actually hahaha. my only brother's gonna be marry his fiance next month, January 16th to be exact. that's the biggest motivation for me to lose weight. Not to mention, i got my 67kg fo...
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