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Kelly Mendenhall
Please don't move my chair.
Please don't move my chair.

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But I wanted the disc for my 2600!  *sigh*

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Why in God's name would Microsoft make patching software require en extra command line step? Are they trying to make administration MORE difficult?

The second step was automated in prior versions of Sharepoint, and they require you to type a URL into a web browser to get to a KB article, which then links to a blog post in order to figure out how to run step 2.

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I knew that drinking water when I am thirsty was a waste of time! Thanks EU!

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Damn dude, first those are some mean accordion skills. Second, he's using some kind of Russian accordion apparently conceived by some insane person - it's called a Bayan.

I think there need to be more non-3D showings of movies. 3D movies give me a headache. I wonder if this is how folks felt when talkies came along.

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Jonathan Coulton and TMBG @ SODO Showbox! 

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And here is a video that'll make you go WTF? The Panda doesn't do too well on this one...

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Awesome demo version of "Birdhouse in your Soul" with some lyrics that didn't make the final cut.

I'm finally beyond the velvet rope!
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