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Don't Nurse and Prime
My first child was born in 2008. Which technology wise would be considered,  I don't know, not the Stone Age anymore, but maybe the Victorian age. I owned a Dell desktop computer, remember desktops? That was it. No smartphone, no tablets of any kind. Gah, j...

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Who's Next?
love history. I love studying WW2. My mind always wanders to the
mothers. Not just the mothers of soldiers far from home, but the mothers
in England and France and Germany. Civilian mothers getting the shit
bombed out of them.  H ow scary it must be t...

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Morning Sickness Has Made Me a Terrible Mother
This is my fourth pregnancy. Every time I’ve been
expecting, the first trimester has been hell. I feel like shit, am tired all
the time, puke my guts out, have an aversion to coffee (which is not helpful
with the tiredness) and have constipation. I am not c...

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A Surprise, Not a Mistake
Growing up, I loved the show, "Roseanne." I remember once DJ's sisters told him he was a mistake. Roseanne lovingly told him he was not a mistake, he was a surprise. He asked what the difference was. She told him a mistake is something you wish you could do...

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Thoughts I have watching kids shows
Watching boring ass TV shows with your kids can start to
make your mind wander. Sometimes I am thinking about all the shit I need to get
done, but sometimes I actually pay attention to the shows. Never pay attention. It will cause you to have to following t...

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Old McDonald's
I feed my kids McDonald's. I cringe just typing that, ick! That statement is like hundred times worse than admitting you eat at McDonald's. No one is proud that they eat at McDonald's, much less that they feed it to their toddler. The thing is, McDonald's i...

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5 Tell Tale Signs You Have Aged Out of Your Facebook Moms Group
When you are a new mom, everything is brand new and quite frankly terrifying. You need to reach out and find your tribe, your village, or at the very least another mom who gets it. One way of doing this is through a Facebook moms group. I belong to several....

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Book Review and Q & A with the Authors of Science of Parenthood
I just wrote all about memes and chances are you have probably seen some of Science of Parenthood's hilarious cartoon memes shared on Facebook before, now you can see all their new and best material in a brand new book! Norine Dworkin-McDaniel & Jessica Zie...

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To the ones I miscarried
When they happened, I thought time would move on and I would forget. There would be other pregnancies, other babies. But 8 and 6 years later, I still think of them often, my ghost babies. I sometimes look at my 3 kids, all healthy and happy and so full of l...

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