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Are you looking for product ideas so that you can upsell to your current customers? Or maybe you want to widen your market and attract new customers? Here are 5 easy product ideas you can create with vinyl to increase your income!

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Are you on the hunt for a cheap heat press machine? Here are some of the cheapest! Here are the top 5 cheap heat press machines in 2017! Cheap as chips!

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#HeatPress #HeatTransferVinyl #Vinyl #HeatPressing #HTV #HowToHeatPress

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Check out our 5 favorite heat press blogs! Do you have any to add to this list?

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If you want to create garments that will truly stand out and impress your customers, why not try foil HTV? Foil HTV is trending in 2017 and in this post we look at one specific brand of foil - Siser EasyWeed Foil - which is faster and easier to work with than other foils because of it's EasyWeed properties!

#SiserEasyWeed #HeatTransferVinyl #FoilHTV #heatpress

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Today we've reviewed the Geo Knight DK3 Digital Mug Press. This press has all the bells and whistles. Read our review to find out all about it.

#howtoheatpress #heatpress #heattransfervinyl #heatpressvinyl

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In today's post we want to introduce you to some fantastic videos produced by Conde Sublimation with some project ideas you can easily do with your heat press. They have an awesome youtube channel so be sure to subscribe and also check out their website!

Read here: Heat Press Project Ideas With Conde Sublimation

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Are you not a graphic designer but you still want to produce well designed t-shirts? How about giving Fiverr a try? Fiverr has quality and affordable options for t-shirt design. Get someone to design you a t-shirt from just $5 or design shirts for others and earn some extra income!
Sign up for Fiverr here: (affiliate link)
Learn all about Fiverr in our latest post:
HOW TO | Using Fiverr For Custom T-Shirt Design

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Today we've compiled a list of our top 5 phone apps for t-shirt creators. Check them out and give them a try! We hope they will be useful in your t-shirt creation endeavors!

Read here: Our Top 5 Phone Apps For T-Shirt Creators -

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Have you ever had an accident pressing a garment? Maybe you forgot to use a teflon sheet, or you accidentally pressed your transfer the wrong way up? Maybe you melted or burned the garment you were pressing? How did you clean your press? What products did you use?
In our latest post we tell some tricks and tips for how to clean your heat press after an accident, and how to maintain your press and prevent future accidents. Find out what products will make your heat press look like new again so that you can get the best results when pressing.

Read our article here: HOW TO | Properly Cleaning Your Heat Press After An Accident

Do you have a heat pressing horror story? How did you clean your press? Comment below!

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