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Excel security tips when sharing workbooks. #excel #productivity #spreadsheets
When you share Excel file with someone, you have to maintain integrity.
1. Locking the cells
2. Hiding the formulas
3. Using selective lock
4. Protecting workbook structure
5. Sharing locked workbook

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Do less!
It's time to get your massive to-do list under control. 

What items are you going to strike from your list? 

#productivity   #productivitytips   #lifehack   #lifehacks  

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Have 'void' checks? Track them in @QuickBooks as a 'zero' check with 'Void Check' set up as a vendor & expense #bookkeepingtips #smallbiz

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Proof that being the owner doesn't mean you know it all. 

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Communicating with a team member or employee with compassion

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When it comes to accounting and payroll, we've got you covered.

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Great tip for those who utilize Google shared docs.
Unshare before Deleting!

Here's a tip some of you may want to use.  

When you delete gdoc files and they are shared, people you've shared them with can still pull them out of your trash (until they are permanently deleted anyway)

The fix is to set up a folder in "My Drive" called trash or bit bucket or whatever, that is not shared at all.  Then drag files you want to delete there first.  This will un-share them.  Now you can 'remove' them knowing nobody will pull them back out or access them.

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Elena O commented on a post on Blogger.
IMO, you can keep Evernote, OneNote and all the other 'gadget' devices for note taking.  By the time it takes me to get my stylus out (I don't have 12-year old thumbs!) to type in a thought I could've written 5 of them.  I like looking at ideas, tasks, thoughts, etc. in my handwriting rather than text and doing so helps me to remember them better.  It may be old school, but it works.
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