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The Crossing Point of Light A Workshop with Dr …:

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Funny, I was just looking at a post that said: " Do good to others and Allah will do good to you" This is a great lesson in how to spot hypocrites.

 The message is a good one, it doesn't matter who it says will do good to you, Allah, Jesus, God, Spider Pig...some of the comments were quite sad, showing that people use their religions as a convenience rather than actually practicing "what they preach".

 All of them are in the same group, Allah, Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene, Mary, God or whoever or whatever you believe in, the message is all the same, LOVE! How many people actually "Love Thy Neighbor?" I bet not a lot.

 Everyone goes back to their energy state after they dump their current meat suit...I didn't say die, because death doesn't exist, if it did, everything would be dead. We are alive and come from a natural state of Love!

Start practicing Love and Forgiveness and you'll see your life improve right away. Let go of the Ego and all negativity and you will see your life improve right away.

The heart has a neural network comparable to our brain or greater, the electromagnetic energy that the heart puts out is greater than that of our brain, we can think with our heart...this is now fact.

Next time you have to make a decision about something, especially an important one, put your hand over your heart and your awareness will be directed to your heart automatically and you will make the decision from your heart which has no ego or negativity attached. Keep practicing this and eventually you will think this way automatically no matter what or who you believe in.

Blessings, Love and Light!!

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Few years back a phone was just a phone.
But now it is camera, music player, location finder and the list goes on!
How many of you still own a fixed line phone?

Image courtesy: Shoeboxblog

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Just brilliant. Beautifully done video. Highly worth watching the full 4 minutes!! Made me shed a tear!! :) 

This is old news, but found it while reading up on structured data and ...Google Formatting for Google+...not sure why most call it Google Cheats for Google+, but they do.
Bold - Use asterisk symbol on both sides of the word to Bold it: Google
Italics - Use underscore on either side of the word to Italicize it: Google
Strike-through - Use hyphen on either side of the word to strike it: Google
You can also combine any or all of them: Google

You can tag people on posts by adding a ‘+’ or ‘@’ symbol in front of their name

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You can create a private circle that is empty, then you can bookmark items for later reading by sharing it with only that private circle. To view just that information, just select only that circle from the links at the top of the page.

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