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Jeffrey Stroup
I take photos. I ride bikes. I paint. I explore abandoned buildings, and I love Cleveland.
I take photos. I ride bikes. I paint. I explore abandoned buildings, and I love Cleveland.


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Watching You From Above
After every wedding that Brandon and I shoot we try to go out and do some exploring or climbing. It doesn't always work out and sometimes we're just too exhausted from shooting the wedding, but a couple weeks ago we managed to have a very successful night. ...

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Road Trip: Day 5 - Death Valley National Park
As much as I loved this trip, I have been terrible at blogging about it. I started out strong but then got busy and started neglecting the blog. So as I try to get caught up with blog posts I'll throw in the final posts from Kaylah and I's big trip back out...

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We Only Come Out At Night
Night is obviously my favorite time to shoot photos. The darkness is in most cases a necessity when it comes to photographing and exploring the places that I like to go. It's also a lot of fun being out at night. It's a different world, with different peopl...

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I sort of abandoned my blog for a bit. It was unintentional. I've just been busy and distracted. I have a dozen or so posts full of photos, all I have to do is finish typing them up. Client work always comes first though and when you spend hours and hours i...

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Much Needed Adventures
Saturday should have been a great day full of exploring and traveling with friends, but as the plans started to unravel stress and frustration set in, and instead of picking up the pieces and reworking our plans, I decided to stay home and work. I'm glad th...

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Road Trip: Day 5 - Heading Into Death Valley & Ballarat
We started the trip in the desert and then headed along the coast and into Yosemite, which was a welcome reprieve from the arid heat and sun of the desert, but by day five we were back in the desert. That's not to say that I don't love the desert though, be...

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Road Trip: Day 4 - Yosemite National Park
I love all of the National Parks, and Yosemite is without a doubt one of the most well known, however until I watched the Ken Burns documentary ' The National Parks: America's Best Idea ', I honestly didn't know much of anything about Yosemite. Everyone kno...

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Jeff Comes In From Maine For A Day Of Clevelanding
One of my best friends lives in Maine. He's been there for a while now after moving from Northeast Ohio. Once or twice a year he comes to Ohio to visit. The last time was in the winter although we still rode bikes, it wasn't the most enjoyable ride. It was ...

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Road Trip: Day 3 - San Francisco Briefly
From Monterey we continued north into San Francisco. We had wanted to spend more time here, obviously, but we ended up getting here a little bit later in the day than we would have liked. Our time in San Francisco might have been brief but it was still a lo...

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Road Trip: Day 3 - Big Sur & Monterey
Continuing up the coast things just seemed to get more and more beautiful. The fog followed us along the coastline and around each bend was another amazing view. We stopped the car and got out to take photos almost every chance we got. The entire stretch of...
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