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According to a report, Xiaomi is currently working on a new smartphone which adopts Mi Mix like design. But this time we can see 100% glass display in its upcoming smartphone which could be most probably named as Mi6 Mix. That means we can see complete glass display with zero bezel on the front side of the flagship.

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We do NOT sell these at the Gateway Bookstore... ;-)

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You asked for it - you got it!

A week from today I'll be teaching you how to create a course using Google Hangout as the platform.

It's completely free during the live training only. I'll be turning it into a paid course later, so take advantage of it now, join me live and - ask me anything during the training.

Here's some of what you'll learn:
➤ How to save $99 a month on webinar software
➤ How to create content fast
➤ How to have unlimited attendees without paying a dime
➤ How to amplify those webinars, so you can reach more people, for free
➤ How to engage and energize your community, so they keep coming back for more of you and your products.
➤ and more..

I have just 1 request:
1. if you find it valuable, please share with anyone who could benefit, even if they're not on the Plus (I provide you with links on the site too).

See you on the training!

#hangouts   #webinar   #onlinecourses   #imthatgeek   #freetraining  

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