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Apple unveiled a revamped maps app that replaces Google Maps for iOS and deepened integration with Twitter and Facebook.
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sorry, but.. Google lose what? A map system "yet to came" and that no one really knows if it works??
Or a lot of features that all most every other manufactorer already have?
By this time, Map causes people to think about google. But won't any more.
That is what google will lose. I think..
To be frankly, Apple disappointed their customers including me and I don't think any more that Google is the big looser. But another thing is that Google as a map initiator is getting diminished over time. Because I, especially user of iPhone, can't find the Google in my phone as before.
You can't find it... because Apple does not allow it... As Apple does not allow google voice and so many other nice apps. They have the need to control the users, to say what apps they use, what systems they connect to...
That's why i will not, EVER own another Apple product. No way.
Your word about Apple's policy to Google may be right. But I think that Google is doing as same as Apple. Google provides very useful apps for free. But it is also for their profit and to maintain their position on searching. I think...
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