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Ok, so some features I would like to see on here (and if anyone knows ways to currently do these, please let me know):

1. Venn-diagram selection: Ability to "and" my circles at the point of item sharing for restricting messages. For instance, as a workish example, selecting both library and colleagues only sends the message to the people that are present in both circles. (Per my earlier comment about circle assignment strategy, obviously I went post-coordination. :> )

2. Customized stream content: Ability to permanently select one or more circles to display in my default stream (i.e. limiting the default stream to display updates from everyone in my friends and /or family circles).

3. Profile-based "circles": Ability to select people in my circles based on other criteria listed in their profiles, for instance, location or workplace. (i.e., I'm coming up to Seattle for a visit and want to send a note only to my friends/acquaintances in the area). Kind of intersects with #1, above. I could create location-based circles for people, but if it's already in their profile it would be nice to be able to use it.
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And the librarian OCD kicks in -- should I go pre-coordinate or post-coordinate for my Circles strategy?.
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