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Karen James
Founder of Lilac James - Marketing & SEO Agency.
Founder of Lilac James - Marketing & SEO Agency.

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Top Social Media Tips!
#SocialMedia is vital for #BusinessGrowth! To get started, or for some new ideas to make your social media more interesting, check our hints & tips:

Be creative, eye-catching, relevant, and timely!

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Fabulous testimonial from a great client. Thank you

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Could Canada be the place to move to your new home maybe? 

Take a look. 
Looking to move away from home, is it due to job relocation or just pure choice of your own? 

Why not take a look at this article about moving to Canada, it could be the perfect country for you!

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Great article about what you can do in London at Christmas time, take a look! 
This time of year is so magical and spending quality time with your family and children is the great luxury that comes with it. 

If you are not sure what you would like to do with your free time, why not take a look at this article. It highlights 12 amazing things you can fill your time with around the Christmas period in London.

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I've always wanted an allotment!
Allotments can be a great alternative to growing veg and having a little space haven when you don't have your own garden.

However, it is not that easy to obtain one, especially with everyone else wanting a piece of the 'grow your own pie'.

Take a look at this for some useful information, and some hints and tips too.

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Great article, take a look!
If you have a small garden it can be difficult to decide what sort of garden you would like. 

Without having acres and acres of land, a compromise has to be made.

However, your garden can still look beautiful even if you decide to use it for just growing vegetables. 

There are some great fruit and veg plants out there which create beautiful looking flowers too. 

Read more.

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You know it makes sense. Do it now!

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Great article Gig Tent! 
Trying to achieve an affordable wedding, working to a tight budget? 

Find out some useful hints and tips here!

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This makes a lot of sense
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