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I know more people on Facebook than here. So I'm only posting my "Reasons Today Rocked" there. Sorry to disappoint.

The following is an open letter to the people who run PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. You'll see why.

Dear sirs:
I will admit something that causes me some embarrassment. Once, a long time ago, I browsed some sleazy offshore porn websites.
These sites use all kinds of underhanded browser-hijacking techniques, such as the close-box button that doesn't close the box, but instead alerts me with, "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS PAGE????????????" And if I happen to miss it and put another window over it, it chimes my system alert continuously, minute after frantic minute, until I eliminate the possibility of every other app I have (which, since I'm working, I'd like to not have to quit), till I get to that sleazy, underhanded, control-seizing spam-page and, wishing Chrome had a force-quit for pages, close its "Yes, incredible as it may seem, I'm actually finished looking at your porn" button, making the page go away at last.
Little would I ever imagine that such tactics would be used by a social marketer, in the States.
I'll be at your little Pinterest soiree. I won't tell you which day. And when I do, I'll make use of the feedback features. At the worst times.

It was Philly Tech Week? Why was I not informed?

Okay, folks, I'm stuck.
I'm being asked for an interview, about what I do, and about why anyone would want graphic design services. What do I say? And why would you want me in particular?

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Yes, I actually have a blog. I post in it sometimes.

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A bit of a tweak to my design for a better social sharing widget panel.

This is to my fellow libertarians out there.
I have trouble with a mindset held by Lew Rockwell and his contributors. To them, if the government is making you do something, that's the only proof they need that it's bad for you, no matter what scientists say.
Some suspect, for instance, that fluorinated water is dangerous, because in the 60s Alcoa created a market for a waste-product of refining aluminum by claiming it helps fight tooth decay. Towns put it into water supplies, without offering consumers a choice. The lack of choice should be enough of an argument, but they have to extend off a slim rhetorical branch, risking lower credibility in the eyes of the public they should want to win over.
This mindset gets extended to other scientific debates, like the infant vaccination / autism connection, and global warming. It makes it hard to side with them.
Sometimes government scientists are right, but that's no excuse for using force.

Any satisfied alumni of Internet Business Mastery Academy out there? I have a pre-purchase question.

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How's G+ looking in your laptop's browser? My wife's is looking TERRIBLE. Here's her screenshot. She keeps refreshing. This is in Chrome, which is supposedly best buds with G+, you'd figure. #newgoogleplus

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So I install Highlight (the latest cool-kid app) on my iPad. I launch it, and it invites me, via a button, to register through Facebook. I tap it, and scoot over to my iPad Facebook app. I see this image. What am I supposed to do with this? There's no "accept" button. Just a "cancel" button.
I was assured by the developer through Twitter,@ericjshipe, that I was "good to go." So I touched nothing, and returned to the Highlight app. It still had the "register through Facebook" button. So somebody's got a UX problem. I'm betting it's the Facebook app.
Anybody have a suggestion?
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