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"I bought a fish," or,
Flairity and friends (well, frenemies) . (Flairity is blue; Enjolras has the flamboyant red fins, and the third is yet to be named)

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Current mental state: see below

Gotta love Derek Landy. "Here's the new book. Spoiler alert: it's awesome."
I can see where Skulduggery gets his confidence from. 

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A Fairly New Fandom (Semi-Guest Post starring Emery)
Today I finally got hold of my dear Emery for a chat about a certain Detective. No, it’s not Sherlock. gasp He’s actually Irish. And dead. He is technically dead. (Wait so was Sherlock). We basically are asking a bunch of questions and answering them. Tha...

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The Promised Movie Review
Dear friends, fans, phans, theatre people, and other fabulous people (or chickens), Allow me to show you a picture.  I can hear your gasps now--what is this phenomenon? Surely they are not making Phantom of the Opera into--of all things--an animated movie? ...

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I'm Baaaaaack...
Did you miss me? Yes! Catie is not dead! She was just mostly dead for a while. Exam week, Christmas, New Year's stuff, homework, birthday parties, the lot, can be rather taxing on one's posting. But I'm back.  I believe I should start posting in earnest (he...

An excellent explanation of the Death Glare from The Secret Life of INTJs
"It is the absence of any sort of emotional cues that tends to make the INTJ look less-than-pleased, even if they are feeling neither happy, sad or upset. Females and males alike will exhibit this expression; those being pinned under the glare squirm inside, imagining all the things that the INTJ must see wrong with them. But in actuality, the INTJ is pondering why tablecloths have checkers. "

Dad was helping Lu with her math, and so he asks me if I learned a way to remember the difference between the numerator and the denominator. My answer: Yes. Numerator and Denominator have the same first sounds as Númenor and Denethor. Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, is from the line of Númenor. Denethor's line were just the stewards of Gondor, and thus below the king in authority. So of course the numerator goes over the denominator, because Númenor is higher than Denethor.
Dad: ...did you really just make that up?
Me: ...
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