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Dazed and confused

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Happy New Year one and all, I hope it is a safe and prosperous year for everyone!

wow, I havent been on here in a while..... looks like they are trying to copy facebook.......

WOW.... I logged in tonight, and saw an obummer page (obama) I would NEVER have that traitor as a page I would view... and it took forever to find how to block it.... way to go google.....

Are we having fun yet??

Ok, I am wondering what exactly makes GW2 so much better? I know for example I started playing an MMO a little over a year ago, and still play, in a guild and we do events all the time, plus lots of time to do what I want, roam around and fight, do quests etc....

Can some one help me out with why this is better? and not just because it is new......

I want to like Google + more than facebook... I am curious, is there an add-on that is like social fixer? so you can set your backgrounds, and you can set posts as being read and not show up again.... I don't know.... I never remember how far back to go in posts..... (and no.... I have not looked into it that deeply)

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Here is an email the campaign sent out today:


We always knew President Obama's re-election would be dangerous for America. Yesterday we found out exactly how dangerous.

In a private conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama was caught saying "_after my election I have more flexibility_" on ballistic missile defense. In this case, "flexibility" means selling out America's missile defense system as soon as he gets re-elected.

The Russian demands, including ballistic missile deployment restrictions, limits on the technological capabilities of our missiles, and joint control over launch decisions, if agreed to by the US government; constitute a clear-and-present danger to American security.

How can we be sure President Obama hasn't had similar "flexibility" conversations with other countries? Simply put, President Obama's foreign policy of weakness and appeasement must be stopped.

Polls have shown that voters trust Newt the most on issues of foreign policy and national security. And with good reason. As a member of the Defense Policy Board and as the longest serving teacher in the Senior Military, Newt's national security credentials are unmatched by any other candidate.

Yesterday's incident is a critical reminder that we need to nominate somebody with the right experience to defend America and her allies as Commander in Chief.

You and I know that Newt is the candidate we need to stand up to Barack Obama's dangerous foreign policy. Please help us inform voters that Newt is the most qualified and capable candidate to be Commander in Chief by contributing what you can to our campaign today.


Joe DeSantis
Communications Director
Newt 2012

P.S. President Obama's willingness to sell out to the Russians on missile defense is dangerous for America's national security. At a time of escalating threats worldwide, we need you to make a donation today to help us remind voters that Newt is the candidate best prepared to be Commander in Chief.
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