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Vanity Fair Grants Caitlyn Jenner the Title of Woman
Did Apple help pay for this Photo Shoot?  At this point most everyone is aware of Bruce Jenner’s
transition into Caitlyn Jenner. It’s old news. But it’s worth asking, why do you know about it? Why does
everyone know about it, and why was everyone talking ab...

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Tom Brady Didn't Do Anything Wrong and the NFL is for Drama-Queens
Unless it’s wrong for a man to wear Uggs Football is the most lucrative and watched sport in America.
It dominates pop culture and is a way of life for areas with an NFL team. It’s
also eating itself alive like an ouroboros. When people think of the NFL the...

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Narcissism in the film In Bruges
This is a picture of a narcissist People still have trouble with the concept of narcissism.
Over at The Last Psychiatrist (the inspiration for this blog) narcissism is
defined loosely as “the narcissist
thinking their life is a movie and they are the main c...

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Adult Pre-K is Your Substitute for God
Unless of course I’m paying $500 specifically to have
someone tell me what to do. In Brooklyn there is currently an Adult-Pre-K course run by Michelle
Joni Lapidos. Her website is here: At this Adult Pre-K grown women (and 1 guy) pa...

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Is it better to be a Victim or Van Halen?
Sammy Hagar, incidentally, wants to be neither Victim nor
Van Halen;  he wants to be David Lee Roth.  This story is a little old, here is a short recap: In 2011-2012 a 14 year old male student at
middle school in Texas develops feelings for his 28 year old ...

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The Walking Dead: Zombies Represent Communism
Leon Trotsky no longer has an axe in his head. Rick pulled it out and gave it
to Carl.  What does Communism have to do with the AMC show The Walking
Dead? A lot. But let’s start at the beginning. Communism (more precisely, fear of it) is the key driv...

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Tennessee High School Girls Basketball Teams Punished - Why?
Two High School Girls Basketball teams from Tennessee are
punished because both teams were trying to lose a game against each other.  What did they do wrong? This small event in Tennessee made national news. For a
brief period in late Feb. 2015 this was a m...

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Eric Posner is your enemy. He wants to own you like cattle. It's for your own good. He knows best. #mommydearist  

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It's true. EliteDaily is not your friend. 
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