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Louisa Heaton
I love quilting, sewing and patchwork!
I love quilting, sewing and patchwork!

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Running Out of Blue!
You know that saying that you can't have too much fabric? Well, it's true. Despite me having a large (ish) case of fabric in all colours, I seem to have run out of blue fabric! Is this possible? Yes. Because it has to be a specific blue, with a small print ...

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Hexi Madness!
As stated in the last post, I promised to show you my hexies that I had got started for my Dropped Diamonds Quilt, designed by Tacha Breucher. The first one is the first full hexi block in pinks/reds. This is as big as any of the blocks will get and I only ...

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Decision Time!
Hello everyone! How are you enjoying July? It's been stiflingly hot here in the UK for the last few weeks and believe you me, that's RARE. I've actually (for the first time in my entire life) got a tan. My legs, arms, face and back of my neck are now brown!...

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Tumbler Leaders & Enders Challenge!
I finished my top! My Bonnie Hunter tumbler Leader's and Ender's Challenge is done. Well, the top anyway. The tumblers were two and a half inches and each had either an animal, a flower or a pattern, say spots, checks, stripes, etc on it and there is one si...

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Lucy Boston Update
My Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses stalled big time a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what happened. There seemed to be so much other stuff going on in my life - I had a manuscript to turn in, there were problems with my youngest son at school(he has...

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Leaders and Enders progress
First, let me thank everyone who tried to help me with my sewing machine woes of last week. It was something to do with the bobbin and the way it had been wound. I loaded a fresh bobbin and put that in and the stitching went right back to normal! Phew! No m...

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Sewing Machine Struggles
So last week, I started more work on my Tumbler Leaders and Enders project. It started off well. I got about five more rows done and attached to the main piece, but then I noticed one of the seams had started to come undone. No biggie, probably the bobbin r...

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Over five thousand views! Can you believe it? More than 5000 people have found and read my blog! Little old me! Wow. I'm so thrilled, so can I just say thank you to everyone, whether you came here by mistake, or on purpose! I thank you for checking out my b...

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A competition win!
Remember how a few posts ago, I mentioned that I'd bought a new magazine to try out? British Patchwork & Quilting. Well, in that, there were a few competitions, so I entered them and sent off my form, never in a million years expecting to win anything and t...

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Early Mother's Day gift!
Look what my kiddies got me as an early Mother's day gift! Aargh! Another project for me to start! Must. Not. Do. It. Yet. Must. Finish. Other. Work. First! It's so tempting though. It came with a CD rom in the back, with all the cutting measurements for ea...
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