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Giancarlo Erra
Founder, producer and driving force behind Nosound
Founder, producer and driving force behind Nosound

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6 months ago our 5th studio album was released worldwide by Kscope on CD / bluray and vinyl 45rpm 180gr. More than two years in the work, it is arguably the album that underlined more than all the others what actually is music by Nosound, and indicates a new direction.

While it generated a somehow more polarised opinion across our loyal fans, it got the warmest comments from press and critic. We knew we wanted to take a greater step on our journey, leaving the harbour where we started and going now on our own way, and these polarised visions are an encouraging sign we did our own way and we'll do even more in the future.

We want to share this video recollecting some press quotes during these first 6 months, as a thank you to all our loyal fans who keep following and supporting us buying our records, to the new ones who arrived and to the ones who maybe left, to Kscope that keeps supporting and encouraging our vision, and to all the journalists and enthusiasts reviewing and commenting our music, working hard to support music and musicians exposing them to the outside world.

It might look we like we achieved a nice target with Scintilla, and maybe we did, but surely what it feels like most of all is an encouragement to dare more in the future...

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Remember In Celebration Of Life... For this video we wanted to tell a story, but one that everyone can interpret in their own way: there was a lot of thought put into it, how to leave it open. So,while I’m not going to reveal my personal story, I encourage you to look at the details and enjoy the song we wrote In Celebration Of Life, something we should all remember to do every day...

In memory of Alec Wildey and Cycy June
Directed by Dion Johnson
Guest vocals by Vincent Cavanagh / Anathema
Lyrics by Alec Wildey

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We have just two studio albums that were never released on which one you think we're working on now?
An outtake from the recording sessions is also being reworked and will appear for the first time ever on this vinyl reissue, together with the remaster of the original album. Plus something else that many requested and will be available in the double vinyl package!


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Last week we decided with Kscope to release an older Nosound album on vinyl for the first time! Freshly mastered for vinyl from the original mixes, with an alternative artwork and extra unreleased material.

Finally one of my favourite Nosound albums will be available in its definitive version soon.


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Do you know Nosound's Last FM profile? Scrobble our tracks and when we reach 1 million scrobbles (now very soon), our top listener will get a personal signed gift!

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The acoustic video of 'Love Is Forever’ is out!

In the last few years, there was a shift in my composition workflow, which lead me to write many songs on my piano. The writing process started all acoustic and I was concentrating more on the song itself, instead of the synths and sounds.

Looking for the purest form of artistic idea became a kind of obsession for me, so I thought it was about time to show my songs in the way I originally wrote them, intimate and acoustic.

After finishing the recent renovation of my studio, I equipped a second room for acoustic recordings with my piano. Using only a Neumann and a ribbon microphone I recorded 'Love Is Forever’, one of my personal favourites from Scintilla.

#nosoundband #scintilla

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Something is happening at the Nosound headquarters - watch out for a special surprise soon! Is a new video, presenting a song from Scintilla in a different way! Which Nosound song would you like to hear as acoustic version?
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Something is happening at the Nosound headquarters - watch out for a special surprise soon!
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As you know I'm never too keen on things diminishing (in my opintion) art, and so I was not very happy when my mates at Kscope suggested a lyrics video for once..

But indeed they meant a 'Nosound' lyrics video, not your usual one, and so I accepted the challenge and did one but in my own way..someone might argue quite challenging, if not even annoying, but I DO really like it!

So I'm glad to announce today we're premiering our new 'lyrics video' for Scintilla (the track)

And we're premiering it with PopMatters and an indepth interview with Jordan Blum about too many things to list here, so go and read it if you want also some anticipations about 2017..

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I'm deeply honoured and very proud to see Nosound eventually in the Top 10 italian albums of 2016 for Classic Rock Italia:

We are in amazing company, between some of the biggest names of Italian rock and the newest upcoming indie artists. Hopefully another sign that we'll be soon playing again in our own Country :)

Grazie a tutti!
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