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Just keeping it here for keepsakes, I didn't like HFS+
CVE-2014-9390 aka "Git on case-insensitive filesystems"

I did not give the exact assessment on the risk in either my blog post on this topic ( or the announcement for the maintenance release to fix this issue (

Somebody at Atlassian summarised it very well. It says:

"""An attacker needs write access to a repository in order to push the malicious changes in the first place. The actual risk for most teams' repositories is relatively low, as there is typically a high level of trust between those who have the necessary permissions to write to a repository.

However, all developers should exercise caution when pulling from third party or untrusted repositories until they upgrade to a patched version of Git."""

It is a short and well written post, worth a read:

Maybe I'll wait for the Surface Book 2. 

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Lol hmm! 

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Interesting article on the long road ahead of us. 
Media request: fact checking and info on Android's move to 64-bit

My name is Michael Heller. I'm a writer with and I'm working on an article about what Google has to do in order to move Android into the 64-bit world. The article is a work in progress, but I was hoping to get some insight from those of you who likely have more knowledge and understanding of the code than I do. 

The article (still in the process of being written), can be found at the link below.

As you can see, I have the basic framework sorted out, but there are some specifics that I need help with relating to the Dalvik VM and the Android runtime and how it will all work once Android is updated to 64-bit, but is still running 32-bit apps. From what I've learned so far, is that Android's multitasking will gonna cause issues on ARM64 due to its mandatory EL handling when switching between 32 and 64-bit mode. A single 32-bit app running on 64-bit Android will cause performance issues for the system, and drain the battery much faster.

I'm wondering if there is a way to avoid these issues with bytecode apps on a 64-bit machine, and I'm hoping some of you can help me out with basic fact-checking in my article. 


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This is one hell of a mean clam chowder. 

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What you get what you cross functional language concepts with C++. Good read. 
This is what happens, if a developer that secretly loves Haskell, takes some time to write down his thoughts on exceptions in C++, which he is working with on daily: It turns out to be a very well argumented "I can haz monads?" ;)
Well worth a read!
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