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You knew the old Mozilla, meet the new Mozilla. One of the notable things about working at Mozilla over the last few years right now is that our aims have gotten much more ambitious, but perception mo...
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I basically agree with all the points you make, and it's very cool, except one: am curious why b2g is a good place to put time rather than working with Ubuntu? Striving against a locked down device is a great goal, but it's not like Mozilla needs to fight this battle all by itself?
Hey +Stuart Langridge -- I'm not the best person to answer that question, not knowing very much about B2G. However, I think that it's not unreasonable to start work on B2G with an OS that's already been proven to work on phones, rather than one that undoubtedly made choices that are more oriented towards netbook/desktop work. Bigger picture though, I think B2G is really about getting the minimal OS possible between the hardware and the web, and doing as much of possible using web tech. Which I think is a fairly different approach than Ubuntu. That bet on the web as the technology stack is also a big differentiators from things like the Freedom Box (which also isn't primarily a mobile device OS).
Interesting. I agree with the proven point (we're working on phone stuff, as announced, but it ain't done yet); I think my thought was more whether you guys want to care about everything underneath gecko, and about things like displaying battery life, a home screen, navigating between apps, that sort of thing . Still, with Android as the base, you've solved some of that problem.
My understanding of B2G is that there is nothing underneath gecko ;-). Battery life, etc., are all displayed as "web" content.
Heh. That's kinda what I meant... do you guys, the Mozilla project, want to spend a bunch of time designing and implementing both what a battery life screen should look like AND the APIs to get that data from the hardware when someone else has already solved that problem for you?
Peter - sure, email me (da at moz)?
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