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What if?
Just before Christmas 20 years ago, my mother died in a car
accident. She was 44 years old.  Today I turn 43. If I were my mother,
I would have 12 months left to live. 12 months to hug my girls and tell them
how incredible they are. 12 months to love my hus...

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Still talking about the same old thing...
I made a new friend this year.
At the circus. No, she isn't a fire eater or clown, she does make me laugh though!
Every Thursday and Sunday, I traipse across London and take Saskia to circus
school where she is learning the flying trapeze. And whilst she fl...

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Your friend's child has an eating disorder? Tips on how to support her....
  When your child
is diagnosed with an eating disorder it feels like you have been thrown off
your little family ship into an ocean… in the middle of a hurricane…with no
life raft…and you do not know how to swim. The effects of the illness reach far

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Dear Stranger on the Waterloo Train
Dear Stranger
on the Waterloo Train, I see you look
up from your paper and notice my daughter and I. You are careful not to catch my
eye. I see your eyes fall on my daughter’s self-harm scars. It is a hot day,
she is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and her s...

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Fight Song Matilda style!
My 13 year old and
I went to watch Matilda the musical this evening and it was amazing. I
mean, it was amazing. Matilda sings the song ‘Naughty’ in the midst of a really
awful scene, her father rejecting her, calling her names. Her mother no better.
These a...

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I want to start writing down ‘our’ story. The ‘once upon a
time’ but ‘not a fairy-tale at all’ story of how my little girl got taken
hostage by anorexia, the battle scars we all acquired trying to set her free.
But writing it down makes me relive moments I ...

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Self confessed 'helicopter parent'
My teenage daughter is always late for school. No, that is
not fair, she was on time today so ‘always’ would be an exaggeration. ‘Mostly’
late for school is a better word… And I am a proper, self-confessed ‘helicopter
mother’. If you don’t know about helico...

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