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cyndee starr
I'm a mixed media artist and obsessive doodler.
I'm a mixed media artist and obsessive doodler.

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Living in the Northwest
Usually Spring is light showers, warming weather with glimpses of Summer.  Everything is green and blossoming.  But this year, everything is green and blossoming but from day to day we don't know if it's spring or still winter.  The rains have been downpour...

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 Doodled Doors..................  Have a great day. Hugs Cyndee

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It's been 3 years now since I retired.  It's going pretty well.  The receptionist at the doctors office ask me how was retirement, she was afraid she'd be bored.  It is sometimes, especially this time of year when you can't always get out to do the things y...

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Planning and doodling
The winter doldrums seem to have subsided thanks to my friend Michelle of Buttons & Shanks and her husband Ralf of Display in Style .   They had arranged to display and sell their products in a shop on the Oregon coast and invited me to join them.  This was...

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New Ideas
How do you get your ideas?  Sometimes for me it's just sitting down and going thru all the stuff I've collected.  Like these recycled items I have setting around my work space.  I pulled out the old weathered fence slat, then started playing around with the...

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New year new adventures
Haven't done much with my doodling recently.  I think it's time to start some new directions, new products, different ideas.  First off the firing line is a new T Shirt design,  you can see the first one here: I will be addi...

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Hanging Art
Summer has finally ended, Fall is here.  Most of the leaves are down, but still haven't had frost on the pumpkin. I decided not to do any holiday sales this year, finished my last sale early in October.  I just don't do that well this time of year with all ...

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And on a personal note.
It's football season again and the three grandsons are all playing.  Two in high school and the third in a local lead, he is in middle school this year.  This last game on Friday was especially exciting, not only did their team win but both boys were on the...

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Crazy Summer
I finished the recycled coffee table just in time for the Recycled Arts Festival.   My first recycled show.  It's unbelievable what people are doing with recyclables these days.  Although I didn't sell the table I did get lots of interest.   Currently I hav...

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Folt Bolt
Was so greatful to be the featured artist on Folt Bolt June 18th.  It is always exciting to be recognized for your talent.  If you haven't seen their blog post you can see it here:!Cyndee-Starr/cy7d/557f6f7e0cf201107e2bf4bc     One...
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