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"St. Lawrence O’Toole, the second archbishop of Dublin and one of that city’s patron saints, died in 1180 in France. His heart was sent back to Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral, where it rested inside a heart-shaped wooden box within an iron cage—at least until 2012, when it was stolen. The dean of Christ Church Cathedral has speculated that the heart might have been taken by some kind of religious fanatic, since it has little economic value, and much more valuable gold and silver objects were ignored. (Weirdly, the thief, or thieves, also lit candles on one of the altars before fleeing.) The item has yet to be recovered."
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"We do not seem able to leave MR James (1862–1936) behind. His stories, like the restless dead that haunt them, keep returning to us: re-adapted, reread, freshly frightening for each new era. One reason for this is his mastery of the eerie: that form of fear that is felt first as unease, then as dread, and which is incited by glimpses and tremors rather than outright attack. Horror specialises in confrontation and aggression; the eerie in intimation and aggregation. Its physical consequences tend to be gradual and compound: swarming in the stomach’s pit, the tell-tale prickle of the skin. I find the eerie far more alarming than the horrific: James is one of only two writers (the other being Mark Danielewski) who has caused me to wake myself with my own screaming. Saw sends me to sleep." #writing #horror  
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#amwriting‬   but POISON GARDEN is done! \o/ 1st draft, anyway, weighing in at 62K+ words, but I'm whittling that. whittle whittle A few more read-throughs and then orf to the beta-reader. Other Things are in progress, and I have a heck load of book covers to do final art on. ,., I shall do All The Things before May!
This is Olga Kurylenko in "Paris, je t'aime". ^v^
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That's great! And you've the option of novelettes too, which are 7-17K? You have to check on that. Every time I try to write a short story, I end up writing a novella. :-p I think doing a bunch of those really help get the stories done. I no longer have the passion and energy to draw my stories in comic book form.
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Elizabeth Watasin

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Donated. Though my dreams for a better life are different, I know what she means. From Mighty Girl:
"While she couldn’t walk the full length of the marathon because “it was too long and the container on my head was too heavy,” Sanneh still captured the attention of people around the world. She's pleased that her efforts have helped draw attention to the need for greater action to improve water access. For Sanneh, it would be a dream come true: “I don't want my children and their children to be collecting water from the well when they are my age.”
To help support the building of boreholes in Gambia, visit, or learn more about Water for Africa at "
In Africa, women are walking the distance of a marathon just for clean water. Water for Africa wants to shorten the distance with your help. Go to to learn more and donate. #WFA #ShortenTheDistance
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Elizabeth Watasin

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(it's Daily Mail, but what a story): "Noël had become châtelaine of Leslie House in Fife when, in 1900, she married my great-grandfather, Norman Evelyn, the 19th Earl of Rothes. She oversaw a large household of staff, so she knew about encouraging, managing and gently persuading people to do as she asked. And my great-grandfather owned a yacht, so she also knew how to row and to take a tiller – unusual skills for a woman in those days. But Able Seaman Jones knew nothing of this, he only saw that the other two men who had boarded his lifeboat in the confusion weren’t seamen (one was a steward, the other a cook) so, when he saw the calming effect Noël had on the terrified female passengers, he put her in charge of them. And when he realised that she knew about boats he put her at the tiller.
Noël boarded lifeboat number eight at one in the morning and for the entirety of that long, cold and frightening night, while she helmed the boat, or rowed, or taught others to row, or comforted the distraught women, she thought about her two young sons safely at home, and prayed she would see them again."

Read more:
On the night that the Titanic sank, one woman, the Countess of Rothes, put the welfare of others before her own, working tirelessly to row them to safety.
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Elizabeth Watasin

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A new book provides an intimate look at her life with Diego Rivera.
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A word of warning: this post may make you want to weep. Last week I blogged about tiny pieces of parchment, paper birch bark, and wood that were filled with short messages from individuals in Antiq...
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Elizabeth Watasin

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"When a lady is playing a piano and someone is just straight-up staring at her like “oh my GOD this woman is playing the PIANO I wish I could use my dick to send her money and treasures but I CAN’T because it’s bound by layers of convention and also BREECHES”"
Some things that make period dramas great, costumes excepted.
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Golly. ^v^
Oh, that? Yeah, it’s Salma Hayek devouring a bloody dragon heart, among other striking (and oft-NSFW, so be warned) images in the trailer for The Tale Of Tales. The fairy-tale epic is the latest from Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah), and it’s debuting next month at the Cannes Film Festival.
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The weirdness is wonderfully intriguing!
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So much wow. :D #spaceexploration  
An ISS astronaut took what might be the most epic 'Star Trek' selfie ever.
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Huge fire engulfs boathouse of medieval castle after it is struck by a burning cannonball fired from its famed trebuchet
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This is Great. "Among the other characters introduced by Victoria are Barbara, the clever daughter of a rich London banker, whose unconquerable pride ‘spoiled her otherwise fine expression’; a ‘poor little French orphan’, Ernestine Duval, who had suffered from ‘the small pox, by which malady she had lost one eye’; and Diana O’Reilly, who was left with a nurse for ten years after the death of her mother. On his return from India, Diana's father found a ‘tall girl of a most uncouth appearance’, who spoke in an 'unintelligible' brogue. Diana was sent away to Miss Duncombe's school ‘directly’." #victorian  
A story written by Queen Victoria at the age of ten is to be published for the first time this summer. The Adventures of Alice Laselles by Alexandrin
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Writes, draws, eats, time travels.
Elizabeth Watasin is the acclaimed author of the Gothic steampunk novel The Dark Victorian: RISEN and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School. She has worked as an animation artist on thirteen Disney feature films, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Princess and the Frog, and has written for Disney Adventures magazine. She lives in Los Angeles with her black cat named Draw, busy bringing readers uncanny heroines in shilling shockers and adventuress tales.
Follow the news of her latest projects at A-Girl Studio.

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