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I have to be at #wondercon2014   !! location SP-043, but the Dark Victorian cover shoot is finally happening this same SAT. And here I am, last second, emailing reference and inspirational pics to the photographer.  I also sent the kids lunch money. I swear, I was tearing out these pics from magazines when the photographer and model were but a twinkle in their parents' eyes. guffaw?
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I admire her single-minded dedication to her projects. I think all done without the benefit of digital manip. Every time I get an email notification of her latest vision I'm so impressed. #photography  
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Elizabeth Watasin

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For those who were unable to view the "blood moon" lunar eclipse on April 14, 2014 due to global positioning, weather or timing, TIME has condensed the whole event into a nine-second animated GIF. ...
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Night Walk in Marseille is a fully-immersive digital adventure where you can walk the streets of Marseille, discovering an eclectic nocturnal neighbourhood and meeting its diverse characters. #paris  
Admittedly, I find Google Street View a little scary. It always jumps around on me, warping me all the way down the street when I just want to see the next do
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I love Golden Age superheroines. Would love to do homage repro's.
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Have her in circles
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Tomorrow! I'll be in Small Press, table SP-043! Stop by! boom boom boom #wondercon14  
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Elizabeth Watasin

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I'm partial to the 'ironized yeast' ads, one of 'em's formulated like George Atlas's.
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#Wondercon14  ! SEE US at SP-43, bringing you the Surf and the #STeampunk, courtesy of illustrator Kim Dwinell and ME, Miss EEeee! ^v^

We'll have BOOKS, paper dollz, e-books on collectible usbs, and moar!
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Elizabeth Watasin

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Charm School: For Graphique Vol 1, I've DECIDED (can you see it?), to add~~~~an animated FLIP CORNER! Gods, I hope it works. It's a very, very simple animation. I'll know if it can be kept in when I order that first print. All pages accounted for except for 4 yet to be drawn, which is supposed to be a Dr. Leather short. Now if only Elizabeth would get funny. (waits patiently for 'funny').
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Writes, draws, eats, time travels.
Elizabeth Watasin is the acclaimed author of the Gothic steampunk novel The Dark Victorian: RISEN and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School. She has worked as an animation artist on thirteen Disney feature films, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Princess and the Frog, and has written for Disney Adventures magazine. She lives in Los Angeles with her black cat named Draw, busy bringing readers uncanny heroines in shilling shockers and adventuress tales.
Follow the news of her latest projects at A-Girl Studio.

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