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Heather Haupt
Author of Knights in Training, Speaker, Writer.
Author of Knights in Training, Speaker, Writer.

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YES!!! I love these ideas to encourage both free reading as well as reading that strategically feeds the mind and heart!  Thanks +Crystal Wagner​ 
Feeding the mind with ideas

Does your child read books that provide his mind with ideas or books that are like candy? Read how I make sure my children have a balance of books that feed their minds as well as books just to enjoy.

#homeschool   #ihsnet   #literature   #livingbooks  

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These are the moments that I love - savoring and exploring what it means to follow Jesus! {a hands-on guide to learning about the Ascension!} #spiritualparenting

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On a rolly polly hunt. #naturewalk, preschool style. It's amazing how long kids can pay attention to something when it captures the imagination. 

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Need some encouragement?  Take a bit of time {I listened while I stretched after jogging!} and go listen to this Google Hangout video from +Hip Homeschool Moms featuring Fletch & +Kendra Fletcher as well as +Davis Carman and +His Sunflower .

Rachel Carmen said something especially powerful that I've found true over and over again in my own life and something that I saw in the life of my own mother when we were growing up. 

"Homeschooling is what got me on my face before God. It was the event in my life where I finally needed him…  I’ve always been very capable and could handle it. I can do it… It was homeschooling that got me to the point where I realized “I can’t.” “I can’t do this.” I don’t just need God on Sunday morning and I don’t need Him for fire insurance.  I actually need Him.  I need Him Monday through Friday. I need Him before my feet hit the floor. I need Him to love these kids and to understand what to do." #HomeschoolEncouragement  

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Pastels were the first art supply we pulled out after our move to Texas! I’ve mentioned how much we love these pastel tutorials from +Tricia Hodges  and I’ll say it again; these ebook tutorials are amazing.  They are so clearly laid out and the kids love the finished results.  Today through Wednesday, April 15th, the tutorials are 50% off!!! #Homeschooling #artlessons #ihsnet

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This is a great read as even in homeschooling, we can fall prey to some of these traps... Alfie Kohn has written a number of good books. One of my favorites is "Punished By Rewards." ( (aff) #EducationalPsychology

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When less is more.  Pondering again the rationale behind delaying formal math instruction... #CallMeCrazy #BetterLatethanEarly

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Memory is the residue of thought...  What a fascinating article about the importance of long-term memory and a well-developed knowledge base over the ability to simply use gadgets.  

Encouragement to raise our children to know how to think and have a vast long-term memory to work from instead of simply relying on our gadgets to help us out.

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My favorite gift ideas that inspire art appreciation and cultivate creativity! Plus a giveaway of our favorite art resource, A Simple Start in Pastels, from +Tricia Hodges! #giftideasforkids   #giveaway   #homeschool   #inspiredlearning  

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Have you taken some time to think about how you can think OUTSIDE the school desk lately? The beauty of homeschooling is that we don't have to do things the conventional way.  We can chart a unique path that works for our family! #homeschool
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