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Lumia Conversations interviewed me this last week about my love of mobile photography and my quest to take photos of the Moon, planets, and some stars with my camera phone.

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Per usual, Candorville's Lemont sums up the current war situation quite nicely. #soapopera

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I think that my G+ should just become a Candorville appreciate site... ;o)

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Congratulations to you, Christina, and your whole family!¡
Introducing Norah Kate Cadden aka #BabyGuru2

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In Other News... the last 13 days:

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What Can You See In Your Backyard At Night?

International Dark Sky Week is coming next month!

I am fortunate enough to see this scene just a few feet from the back door of my house in central Maine. Although it is certainly striking, I could do without the light pollution on the left side of the image. This is one frame from a 4 hour time lapse that includes the entire Milky Way rise through sunrise (1:20 AM to 5:10 AM) that will be featured in my upcoming time lapse film “Shot In The Dark.”

Nikon D600 & 14-24mm @ 14mm
f/2.8 – 30 secs – ISO 2500 – WB Kelvin 3570
03/07/14 – 4:06 AM 
Processed through Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5 

Taylor Photography 2014 Night Photography Workshops Schedule: – more dates and locations are being added as I get the logistics figured out. Feel free to email me at for more info. 

© Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography 

International Dark Sky Week April 20-26, 2014 

I am working with the +IDA - International Dark-Sky Association to preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible outdoor lighting. I am urging folks to join in the discussion and get involved in trying to raise public awareness about light pollution. You can learn more about International Dark Sky Week and the impacts that light pollution & the artificial brightening of the night sky has on safety, wildlife, energy waste, human health, and more by visiting the links above or at YOU can make a REAL difference by doing something as easy as using environmentally responsible outdoor lighting - 

Less than a third of the worldwide population and 1% of the continental USA population lives under truly starry skies which are unpolluted from man made light. Do you? It’s been said that absence makes the heart grown fonder, yet the absence of the stars from the skies of our cities isn't making us fonder of them. It is erasing the stars and their inspiration from our hearts and minds. During International Dark Sky Week (April 20-26) take the opportunity to help restore the stars. Reconnect with the night and take some simple steps to bring it back into balance. Everyone on the planet, from your friends and family to the smallest firefly, will thank you. Celebrate the Night. Light Right.

Cheers! Feel free to share this image and this important message and thanks for your support. 

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Mobile: What is the best / most beautiful / most innovative / most creative use of a mobile phone recently?

Eight years ago, I conducted a survey on the creative use of mobile devices by creative professionals, which became the research base for my Masters thesis: Moleskine to Mobile.

But that was 8 whole years ago, which in mobile or technology time was practically before the dawn of Mammals. In the last few years, it seems many people have settled into the mobile version of humdrum suburbia: iPhone photos uploaded to Instagram,sharing updates to Facebook, making a video of one’s favorite pet/child/drunkfriend and uploading it to YouTube, or just letting others do it while one watches, etc.

Much like any supposed boring suburbia, there has got to be something interesting going on behind the facade of your mobile’s casing…

People! What is the best and/or most interesting, innovative, beautiful, creative use of a mobile that you have done, seen, heard of, have a link to in the last few months or year? Even if what you think is not really that interesting, but you haven’t told anyone else you are doing it, let me know.

Yes, you, photographer, artist, DJ, musician, banker, teacher, couch potato, maker, creator, builder, I am talking to you. Don’t be shy. If it isn’t you, then tell me about your creative friend. If it is you, share what you have been up to with your mobile. Doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone, feature phone, or super basic phone…

2014 – Let me know. Post the link to your or someone you know of’s creative/innovative activity with there mobile phone. Comment here or tweet a link to me @msjen.


Nokia Connects has a fun program / award called MVC – Most Valued Connector (which really should be Most Valued Creative), wherein a group of us nominate folks who are doing cool and amazing things with their Nokia Lumia mobile phones or helping folks connect in some way thereof.

On top of wanting to see what y’all have been up to with any mobile phones, if you or a friend is doing some cool, creative stuffs with their Nokia Lumia phone, please send me the link so that I can recommend them for a nomination.

Y’all rock!

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The local great blue herons are currently building their nests next to the Alamitos Bay Marina. It is fun to watch them fish, nest, and live over the course of the year.  The best part is that they nest in the big, tall palm trees lining the bay. 

Waiting by the dock of a bay
Flying away from said dock after getting tired of photographers

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