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Pick your battles
Someone said to me today. Pick your battles. But the interesting thing is: I was.  I was very deliberately picking this battle, for many reasons. A celebrity post on Instagram. It was a pretty cool video of a guy doing some form of dance-o-batics on the F t...

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Unclear on the consent*
We discussed consent issues around a single example last night, example follows: "Mary and Bob know each other from class, and they decide to go out together one evening. They go to a bar, and each consumes several drinks. Mary goes to the bathroom, and whe...

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Not that I'm a Queen in any sense of the word. Bitch Queen possibly. However, the news appears to be entirely true, the reports are in Bill (my tumour) is dead. Dead dead dead. Fuck you cancer. I have not read the reports yet myself, they will be posted to ...

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PSA: I seem to be making a few of these.
So I have this fund being built to help me with the increased costs that are already starting to creep up on me #FUCKCANCER  But there's a thing I want to make really really super clear - I don't want anyone to donate money if it's going to make their lives...

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The Once and Future Queen
Stuff happens in people's lives some of it good some of it less than good. I'll be talking about the bad stuff today, but I don't want people to think it's all doom and despair, I've had a plenty good road. I was born, a tiny little thing, on Christmas Day ...

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Well it's a start
I find that I haven't written (ranted) about my favourite bugbear, education, in quite some time. How remiss. However now, with Labour's new education policy coming out yesterday, seems like a good time. Three years of free Tertiary Education for all New Ze...

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So useless it can't be an accident
So it's not actually their treatment of me that sparked this - it's their treatment of other people. I'm pretty fucking useless myself. My memory is pathetic, and is made worse by things that are causing me to be anxious, so I avoid the shit out of situatio...

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Self Awareness; not overly useful in hindsight
I am aware that there is this thing I do: OVERSHARE. I'm sure many of you have been there. Sorry about that Chief.* My social boundaries exist very far from my person. So far that even I'm not sure where they are. The upshot of this is sometimes information...

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What it means to me
MAKE CONTAIN POTENTIAL TRIGGERS.  The subject of sexual assault is in the air at the moment, mainly because once again our Prime Minister has managed to surprise me with the levels he will sink to to make the chips fall in his direction. It makes me angry a...

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Lets talk about fear.
Fear is on my mind today. Because something happened today, something entirely insignificant, but it made me think about the fear that has been quietly taking hold of me for the last couple of years (or if I want to be really honest about it, since I first ...
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