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Brookfield Village
The Village is a center of community activity in Brookfield and a great place for specialty retail and service businesses.
The Village is a center of community activity in Brookfield and a great place for specialty retail and service businesses.

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Kid's Fest returns to McCoy Park on Saturday, June 21st  

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The market starts next Thursday and we're ready for you... but the new lot is not. The paving of the new lot will be done on June 9th and will be ready by the 2nd day of the market on June 12th. 
Not to worry.

On June 5th we will open in the lot just West of the new lot. It's not pretty but it's right next to it so you can take a look at the new lot at that time and we can talk about any special needs you have for placement in the new lot on June 5th.
Please come to the market on June 5th at 1:30 for a 15 minute market meeting and placement in the temporary lot.
Thank you for understanding. I think it will be worth the wait.
Dawn Farina Condon
Market Manager
Brookfield VILLAGE Thursday Farmers' Market
June 5th through October
3:00 to 7:00

The yard signs and printed material are here and you'll start seeing them all over town.

The new lot, 18725 W. Hoffman Ave., is well under way and now, it will be completed by June 12th, the 2nd day of the market. The landscaping, benches and picnic tables will follow shortly after. 

If you have any special needs or requests in regards to placement that you have not already expressed, please contact me, Dawn Farina Condon at 262-327-1020 or at

The address to the new lot is 18725 W. Hoffman Avenue. Let me know if you need help finding it. There will be construction on North Avenue and Brookfield Road and the intersection may or may not be open so enter from  the North using Burliegh and Brookfield Rd, or from the West using River Rd  and Barker.
If possible, park your vehicle right in your designated market space and set your tent and tables up behind your vehicle. There is street parking throughout the Village, as well as the Pleasant Street Parking lot for extra vehicles. 
Market Vendor
Our newsletter will feature a new vendor each week. Be prepared for someone to stop by your booth and talk with you throughout the summer! We want our customers to know their vendors and how great you are! 
Have an interest in becoming the first highlighted vendor? Contact Dawn Condon at 
Each week we will be featuring a recipe to send out to farmers' market customers. 

If you would like to contribute a recipe of your own, please contact Rebekah at
We would love to share some of the meals you make using your own items! 
We'll be putting a weekly email blast out to 1500 plus residents in the area, similar to this blast, including upcoming events, special features and any information that pertains to the market and we'll include you on that list as well.
 We will be having a weekly raffle of a market bag filled with produce, products and coupons from all of you. We did it last year and it was a big hit!
There is still a few spaces left at the Village Market in the Historic Brookfield Village. 
If you know of anyone who would like to join us there's still time!
The Historic Brookfield Village is located on Brookfield Road between North Avenue and Burleigh Road.
This year at the market we would like to introduce some special fall events. Some of the ideas are pumpkin carving contest, decorating with pumpkins, gourds and fall flowers, cooking with fall veggies, caramel apple decorating, etc.

 If you are a vendor who grows pumpkins, gourds, fall produce mums or fall cut flowers, or would like to do a cooking demonstration with fall produce please contact us.

We are offering a special fall price for vendors who would like to join us in the late season. August 13th through October 9th, 9 weeks, for $7.50 per stall per week.

Please forward this email if you know someone who would like to sell or demonstrate at our market.

Growing the goodness of the earth

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Openening Night of Starry Nights!

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+urbanupcycle +Melissa Januszko 
"Wearble Art" is a hot fashion trend for Spring 2014.  These watercolor prints make a statement in bold colors or pastels.  Here's how to style these looks.

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#urbanupcycle  @brookfieldvillagewi @urbanupcycle 
Spring 2014 trends
This spring, we are starting fresh. The trends are back up and changing and so we need to stay in touch with those such trends: TRENDS: 1). LACE!! lace is a beautiful aspect to our clothing, It adds a feminine side to our style. Lace dresses,shirts,shoes,sh...

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Check out our website! -- In
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