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Join us!

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Totally agree with +Daedalus Wren!

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My point was that you should wait for the next watch because this isn't worth spending $349 because the competitors are providing you the same things at a lesser price and the same quality... And the Apple Watch will only work with the iPhone whereas the competion is compatible with a hell lot of devices...

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custom mobile software maker Cyanogen on Thursday, 12 March, confirmed
that the much-awaited Android Lollipop based CM12 series ROM would be
soon released to three smartphones – YU Yureka, OnePlus One and Alcatel
Hero 2+. Cyanogen has announced ...

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HTC Exec: Samsung is only interested in money, Xiaomi won’t last long #DTTNEWS
MWC 2015 arguably saw a complete role reversal from Samsung and HTC,
with HTC doing little new in terms of design, while Samsung brought its
A-game, melding glass and metal into a unibody design that is undeniably
more attractive (to most) than previous ...

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VAIO Just Launched a phone! #DTTNEWS
No longer a part of Sony, VAIO
Corporation is aiming at the smartphone market. The Japanese
manufacturer of personal computer is geared to launch its series of
smartphone and has unveiled its first handset called the VAIO Phone. The
new device is Androi...

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The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics
1. Google For changing the way we view the world (and TV). The
$350 billion giant has proven that it is working in both the short and
long term to change consumers' lives through hardware. Its clever (and
incredibly cheap) dongle, Chromecast, lets users ...

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Apple, the Great Innovator? Nope, Sony Is the Original Innovator
I'm tired of hearing how Apple is the most innovative organization on the planet. Blah, blah, blah. Comparisons of Steve Jobs to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison by tech-clueless papers like the New York Times are idiotic . Let's
be real. In the development an...

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Cyanogen CEO says Samsung will be "slaughtered" by competition in the next five years #DTTNEWS
Samsung may have just announced their much-improved   Galaxy S6   and   S6 Edge   handsets, but according to   Cyanogen   CEO Kirt McMaster, the Korean tech giant will have to do much more to stay relevant in the next five or so years. In an interview with ...
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