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Bill DeWitt
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes

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Popeye music to sit out on the porch at sunset with....

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I wanted to write something about this foolishness, but I'll let Mark do it for me. 
The American Heart Association attack on coconut oil has lead to many questions and concerns about the use of coconut oil. Is coconut oil really as bad as butter? Has it ever been healthy? I break down my thoughts on coconut oil and address the latest episode of the conventional establishment’s attack on healthy food and living.

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It's starting to look like a trend
+Carla Howell writes: Rep. Brandon Phinney (Strafford 24), formerly a member of the Republican Party, announced today on the State House steps he is changing his party affiliation to Libertarian.

h/t +Libertarian Party +Libertarian National Committee
#LibertarianParty #NewHampshire #representative

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Is this the end of June? Have I gone through the Mandela Effect? Is this video sideways?

CNN number of minutes on topics since May 17th:

353 - Trump, Russia, Comey
29 - Terrorism
5 - Economy
5 - Trade


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Not validated but scary nonetheless.


"The Adventures of Merlin"

Better sets than I expected, and almost acting, but nowhere near the backstory I always imagined for Myrddin Emrys.

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Yay! My two favorite long haired commentators having a chat!
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