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Bill DeWitt
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes
Read everything I write as if I have a mischievous twinkle in my eyes

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Perhaps the best paying 5 minutes of typing I have ever done. 

Somehow I let a lightening bug in my house. I am suddenly 6 years old trying to catch lightening bugs again.

Goodnight Google Ghost town. May no bugs land on the back of your neck when you least expect it. 

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Because Brisco.


Curious about people who are for open borders but against globalism...

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As usual, I get a slightly left leaning moderate libertarian.

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I keep wanting to like Supergirl, but I keep having to turn it off because it's so twelve year old girl pretending she likes comic books to impress the guys. 

Guys, men, manspreaders...

Please please please send me your best photo of a guy manspreading and giving the middle finger from their groin area. I tried to make one and I've decided that to make it best express my contempt for complaints about manspreading, it needs a better angle. Get one of your friends or coworkers to take it for you but don't include your face because it might go pretty wide.

See what I did there?

But seriously, help me out here.

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I totally enjoy eating alone. I don't need a mirror. When I eat alone I never feel any pressure to restrain my enjoyment for the sake of propriety or politeness.

I love going to restaurants alone. I bring a book and nicely ask the waitress to avoid too many interruptions, casually mentioning that I tip well and will be using the table for about an hour. I show her where I will be putting my coffee cup when I want a refill.

And yes, "her", because I always ask up front to be seated with a pretty young woman as my waiter. If I have to be interrupted, having a pretty young woman do it silently is better than someone who had to learn to get tips by being chatty and "nice" instead of depending on their looks. 
Do you eat alone often? Studies have shown that people enjoy their food more and eat more of it when they eat with people they are close to - as opposed to strangers. But, this may also hold true even if the other person you are eating with is you.

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"God Damn them all"

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