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Web, Family, Football, Beer
Web, Family, Football, Beer

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Really thinking of selling my MBP, I love the machine but my iMac isn't getting used. With a MBA I would be forced to bring all 27 inches of the iMac into play.

What price do you think I could get for a 15" (glossy) MBP. Intel Core i5, 4Gb DDR3, 320hd. For the right price I'd include fully licenced Adobe CS5 design premium and MS Office 08. Bought October 2010.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Missed the teaser trailer for the new Spiderman reboot today before it went down. Hope it's officially online soon.

Wondering how much NA conf tickets are gonna be?

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Keeping up to Scratch with developments in HTML5

Now I've finished Uni it's time to find a Job in the web world. I have all the tools which I understand you need for industry, Checked Shirts, Geeky badges, Daft Haircut, a Cat and membership to many "IN" networks, I am currently working on a superiority complex too to keep me up to speed.

OK world I'm ready.....

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