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Here's my latest, on the strange battle too many agencies create between form and function. Good ones find a balance, lousy ones wage an internal struggle!

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Solid redesign that actually does improve things and make it more user friendly. It's difficult to image Facebook being able to replicate this with how busy it's UI has become. But, then again, Facebook features ads and G+ doesn't yet. I'm sure the redesign is in part to create placeholders where ads can be served!

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I'll be there. Show was fantastic last year and will be excellent again this year!
Who's planning on heading to Content Marketing World in Columbus this fall? You? It's in my backyard of Columbus :)

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Cinsay ( has created a selling experience within a video online. Checkout and all! Pretty smart!

What I like about the tool is that it works for B2B or B2C. If your goal is lead gen, you can capture information directly from the video, without leaving the video container, let alone the page. The possibility of losing conversions is drastically reduced when the marketing impression is connected to the buying/converting experience.

they have patents. So I'm thinking this is going to be big. I encourage you to check it out!

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"Social Business is the ability of an organization to use communities to improve performance."

Great definition. While a bit buzz-wordy... the value of social business is huge.

It's the ability to generate feedback for your business organically and without incentive.

It's the ability to build a voice and command authority and influence on relevant subject matter.

It's the ability to marry your content efforts to your audience's desires.

It's not the future. It's not that SEO is dead. It's not that PPC, or email, or anything else is dead. It's that this is a new way to do business, whether you're a big brand or a small, niche business. It's something that's vital to the future.

How well versed is your business, socially?

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Marketing and communications professionals alike are aware that content marketing is becoming more prominent in the mix as a means to not only control a message but communicate a consistent message at one time through multiple channels online.

While still relatively new, content marketing is starting to mature. How can you tell? It has its own vocabulary. This is a solid piece of work!

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In case you missed my blog post about SXSWi... I encourage you to check it out.

I was really blown away by the support and positive impression that Ohio has nationally when it comes to marketing technology and innovation.

What became clear to me on the airplane home, Ohio has a brand:

... Unrelenting reasonableness, with a focus on PROVING something works.

Plus, a picture of me with Boba Fett. Awesome.

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I'm guessing these shoes would collect your walking data in secret? :)
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