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I honestly can't imagine why people who don't know me are trying to add me to their circles on G+.
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Yeah, but they're dudes. I don't wanna be dude hot.
LMAO. oops my bad. because you're intellectually superior and they want to learn how?
Maybe they're using you to get to me? :D
One word. spam. If you keep your posts to your circle, and not public, that's how it'll help cut down random adds.
Who me? You're more asian than me. Isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black?
More like the rice bowl calling the pot yellow.
The sitcom I'm writing about Michael is entitled "The Whitest Asian I Know". I'm still trying to come up with his catch-phrase that he'll say at least once every episode.
I thought I was the most Asian white guy.
I added you to "this guy can order beer in foreign countries circle"
You actually speak English in a place where so many do not.
Jason: There must be something in that Iowa water...
SO... The water explains your ability to speak English among your other languages?
@Jason Look at my profile under "places lived," then re-read my post.
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