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doing awesome stuff with awesome people.
doing awesome stuff with awesome people.

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So an internet friend of mine died over the weekend. He was that good guy you wanted to run into every time you went to the pub. The guy you would often wounder what he is up to and you hope all is going well for him.

RIP Ashurman, and my deepest sympathies to those he left behind.

We meet in a video game called Eve online. Below is a edited video of a fleet he was the commander of. A really fun fleet in the cheapest ships money can buy we take on and win against cruisers with logi support. It is like taking on a fully armed warship with row boats and slingshots. Your not suppose to win. This fleet sums up all that i miss from his fleets. Right up to warping to zero on a smart bombing battleship

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Oh yea image this thing running at you.. 

Name: Xternox (Zer-Ton-Nox)

Age: 29

Species: Aztacklsaurus (Az-Tackle-Saurus)

Hybrid Of: T.Rex, Raptor, Therinzosaurus (However you spell it), Trike, Stegosaurus, CuttleFish, Sea Robin, Pachycelphosaurus (However you spell it), Rhino, Spinosaurus, Black Mamba, Komodo Dragon.

Height: 98ft.

Weight: 27 Tons.

Length: 167ft

Aggression Level: Extremely High.

Birth location: Aegis Lab #384-2 Room 45/7, Time: 5:41, Date: April 15th 2016

Bite power: 9/10 (Megalodon Bite power)

Agility: 9/10 (25% faster then a Raptor)

Intelligence: 8/10 (10% Smarter then a raptor)

Claw power: 8/10 (Penetrates a jeep, a weak Tank, Bullet proof armor on Unit.)

Mainlands approval?: DENIED ON 4/16/16, Due to highly dangerous claws, and bite power, must be kept in a high secured containment cell with high security of tanks and Apache guardians.

Asset #: Asset: 7846 )3@0

Paddock #: <CLASSIFIED>

Theme: N/A

Attack Method:
* He waits quietly in the bushes, where he is unseen.
* He quickly circle and observes his prey.
* He then pounces his prey.
* He uses his bite force tearing off the head.
* The blood is spilled.
* Xternox enjoys his big meal...

Bio: Created at the Aegis lab, he was meant for a militarized dinosaur kept tamed, when in taming process, he killed the tamer, the workers at the control panel and the ACU guards, he escaped, but was found by Apache Guardians, he was sent a INSTANT denial from the main lands, the SCU (Sorna Containment Unit) were dispatched to drug Xternox and bring him to a HIGHLY secured area, he was put on high alert if he stepped a small Millimeter pass the border laser, anyone who pass the border, will get killed or arrested, the cage is surrounded by a 10 meter length wall all around, about 30 meters high, he found a huge crack in the walls, as he teared off the giant piece of metal, he escaped killing half of the security unit, the walls were not high enough, he escaped easily, he was tracked, but the trackers were killed, he now is being held in a life, where he is tracked.


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I started using this sort of planing about 4 years ago. It really helped. I also did a lot of Getting Things Done, his sort of way of organizing when/what to do. I found it very good as well. It is far more down to earth and plain practical that other ideas out there. 

But i have since slipped back into bad habits since and i am now going through the book again. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to got on top of all those projects and things that keep slipping though the cracks. 

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this is what i want for xmas

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Really liked this one as well. Great style. 

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Really good

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Now I would watch this guys news channel. 

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Onion gets it right again!

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Choosing passwords :D
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