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Some very reasonable arguments. What do you think?
Call to lower the medal tiers for Seer
I've been pondering this for some time, but as a Platinum Seer and an agent that has had nearly 800 portals published, I strongly believe that the Seer levels have been set too high.

Portal discoveries are distinctly different from all the other tiered medals (those that have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black tiers). Every tiered medal, except for seer, has its basis in the virtual world and can be effectively unlimited. Sure they can be hard to achieve, but generally there will be enough portals out there to make these tiers available to any agent that puts in the time to achieving them. These medals are not impacted by scarcity only by accessibility.

Seer, however, is still firmly based in the real world, and as such, is limited by the real world. There are only so many monuments, memorials, statues, sculptures, interesting buildings, signs etc. Agents are starting to face a scarcity problem, and this is showing up in the frustration we’re seeing day-to-day in many public and private Ingress communities, and the time it is taking to process portals.

Whilst some high quality portals remain unsubmitted, many portal submissions are being made of lower quality, as many of the 'quality' portals have already been submitted and are in play.

NIA Ops sadly is bearing the brunt of this frustration, and this weeks toughened screening has only brought the issue to the fore again. 

As we’re all aware, the fact that a target exists, means that some agents are going to try for it. This means that agents that would love to obtain even a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal are competing against agents like myself that are making the push to Black – simply because it is there and it is a challenge. It is worth noting that Seer faces one of the highest Platinum:Black ratios, 1:10, whilst most other medals are around 1:1.5-1:4.

So, I think we need to accept that:

o Ingress has been incredibly popular, has attracted a large number of agents, and will  continue to grow
o Seer faces a scarcity problem unlike the other medals
o Seer medal levels have probably been set too high
o The medal reward levels are causing a fair amount of the current ‘gold rush’ mentality to submit and publish portals
o The drive for Seer medals is lowering the quality of accepted portals
o The upcoming introduction of levels 9-16 is likely to draw the Seer medals and portal discovery to the foreground again

As a result, for the ongoing good of the portal submission process and new agents entering the world of XM, I believe the Seer medal levels need to be lowered - significantly.

Currently the medal levels stand at 10, 50, 200, 500 and 5000. A few options that Niantic could consider:

o 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 - keeps higher level Seer medals quite a challenge, but won’t take much pressure off the competition and volumes to submit

o 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 - makes Seer medals more accessible, and would ‘distribute’ discovered portals better as agents would mostly ease off submissions after hitting 200. (my personal preference)

o Only reduce the Black Seer level from 5000 to a suitably lower value such as 1000, 1500 or 2000, bringing the Seer Platinum:Black ratio into line with other medals.

+Ingress  and +NIA Ops - please re-evaluate the levels set for Seer medals, and seriously consider lowering them to ease some of the competition and pressure associated with discovering portals.

Only ONE agent can discover a portal, whilst all agents can interact with it and use it to advance all their other achievements.

Gavin Treadgold - 765 Discovered (inc. email)

Platinum Seer Co-signatories
+Brady Hayes - 509 Discovered
+Matt Weasel - 720 Discovered
+Mike McD. - 810 discovered
+Daniel Williams - 621 Discovered
+Matt Corley - 664 discovered
+Lio Ryte - 567 discovered
+Michael Edmond 
+Randy Blaser - 756 discovered
+Michael Fletcher - 885 discovered
+Christian Malmros - 947 discovered
+HaeRang Dong - 766 discovered

 +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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