YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Wirecast gets Virtual Output!!!!

Wirecast 4.2 
Fixes and Enhancements 
• New! Added Virtual Camera Output. Works with Skype, Google Hangouts & GoToMeeting (Windows) 
• New! Added TwitchTV destination (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• New! Added support for Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion (Mac OS X) 
• New! Added support for custom canvas sizes (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• New! Added support for 1080p 1920x1080 (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• New! Added support for Matrox VS4 (Windows) 
• New! Added support for AVerMedia HD Game Broadcaster (C127) (Windows) 
• New! Added support for AJA IO XT (Mac OS X) 
• New! Added support for AJA Kona LHi (Mac OS X) 
• New! Added support for Blackmagic Intensity Extreme (Thunderbolt), Blackmagic Ultrastudio 3D (Thunderbolt). (Mac OS X) 
• New! Added support for Blackmagic Ultrastudio SDI (USB3 Windows) 
• New! Added support for streaming with H.264 High Profile (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• New! Destination partners can now restrict presets that can be used with their servers (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• Canvas Size settings are moved to the Broadcast menu 
• Wirecast and Desktop Presenter signed for Gatekeeper compatibility (Mac OS X) 
• Desktop Presenter now compatible with Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion (Mac OS X) 
• Fixed issue connecting to Ustream streaming servers (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• Updated Ustream connection mechanism that prevented connection to some channels (Windows) 
• Addressed stability issues when streaming to and TwitchTV (Windows 7) 
• Fixed issue with negative decode timestamps in Flash 
• Renamed the Livestream destination to “Original Livestream” to differentiate from Livestream's new platform. Original Livestream only works with legacy Livestream accounts. (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• Addressed issue causing dropped frames and severe pixilation when streaming with Wowza server (Mac OS X) 
• Renamed “GPU Compression” to “Render in YUV colorspace” and turned it off by default on Windows as it can degrade output quality on certain graphics cards (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• Wirecast streams now appear correctly in Flash players on Mac OS X 10.7.4 (Mac OS X) 
• Fixed choppy playback on iOS devices when streaming H.264 Main Profile via Wowza (Mac OS X) 
• Wirecast now reconnects automatically to Wowza Media Server 2 on Amazon (Mac OS X 10.5) 
• Fixed issue where Desktop Presenter goes black intermittently (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• Now using the DirectShow drivers for the Osprey 260e card directly which fixed issues importing from the card (Windows) 
• QuickTime was being used to encode when recording to disk in some instances, MainConcept is now being used instead. This fixes some performance issues. (Windows) 
• Fixed issue with Limelight connection UI being cut off or blank. (Mac OS X & Windows) 
• USB bandwidth notices are suppressed during broadcasting. (Mac OS X & Windows) 

Known issues 
• QuickTime Unicast and Multicast plugins are not working in 4.2. 
• There is a bug in Mac OS 10.8 that can prevent Wirecast from starting. If you are running Mac OS 10.8, please upgrade to 10.8.1 before installing Wirecast. 
• Documents that include use of the Virtual Camera Out feature can not be opened in earlier versions of Wirecast, so please back up your documents before using the Virtual Camera Out feature. 

+Bruce Turner +Craig Shipp +Jeff Zajas 
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