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Sandi Richard
Founder of Cooking for the Rushed Inc., North America's Family Dinner Expert, Developer of the Eating Forward System, Health Nut, Busy Mom of Seven.
Founder of Cooking for the Rushed Inc., North America's Family Dinner Expert, Developer of the Eating Forward System, Health Nut, Busy Mom of Seven.

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Here is the crazy easy and so delicious recipe for the 900 students at St John Catholic High School! The students were awesome and a student demo pulled off making it on stage in about 2 minutes flat!

Recipe from Anyone Can Cook Dinner

Less than a 15 minute prep for the whole meal and only 362 calories.

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Feeling like something sweet….but with some spice too?! Here’s a great meal that complements the best of both words…a meal with no need for compromise! Also w/ a vegan option! I had a blast with Rogers Daytime in Toronto featuring this meal. To make my life easy I packaged my ingredients with loads of Ziploc's new Easy Open Tab bags. So much easier and faster to open!
Recipe from Anyone Can Cook Dinner 397 calories with 20 minutes to prep

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Blog post by Sara Santarossa and Trish Dube.
Learn what Trish and I really think about Sandi and our internship journey!!

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Maple-Cranberry Chicken - Real maple syrup puts the flavour over the top. Great for entertaining because it looks so gourmet, but so easy to make you can have it any day of the week! Featured on CHCH Morning Live. My interns love I package everything in the new Ziploc brand bags with the Easy Open Tabs. Makes it quicker for them to set-up before cameras start rolling.
The recipe is from The Healthy Family. Only 475 calories per serving for the whole meal and just 20 minutes to prep!

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Easy Stroganoff with Fettuccini and Bean Medley (with Vegan Option) Featured on Global TV in Toronto. This recipe is addictive! Kinda down home with an Asian twist.Only 460 calories per serving! My interns love the vegan option! We packed everything up in Ziploc brand bags. Love the Easy Open Tabs because there's no fiddling getting into the bags!

Recipe from The Healthy Family

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HOW TO BEST UTILIZE WEEKLY SPECIALS - Part 5 of 5 in series – Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget

Sooooo, here we are on part 5, but first… a quick recap last week’s CityLine show and my blog series Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget.

My next series will include you on a little journey I‘m about to dive into! Moving from a 3000 sq ft home to a 580 sq ft home! Sometimes I walk into the space and wonder, “Where on earth will I put everything?” I will share my thoughts, frustrations, grocery bills, food storage solutions… you name it! It’s all in a pursuit to understand and embrace the concept “Living with Less”!

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What I love about this recipe is it’s easy to pull off if you forgot to take something out of the freezer! Easy on the budget? That’s an understatement! Kids as well as adults looooove this dinner. You can replace the tuna with chicken if you prefer, but if you are using solid white tuna in water -no one would ever know the difference! My family love the soft and gooey on the inside and the nice crispy edges of cheezy yumminess!

Part 5 of Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget coming next!

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These are the best baked chicken fingers! Only 493 calories including the focaccia, veggies & dip! It’s the secret ingredients that makes these so crunchy, even though they are baked, not deep fried! They only take 5 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to cook! You may never buy chicken fingers in a box again! xox Prep Time: 15 Minutes Total Cook Time: 30 minutes Recipe from page 86 of “Anyone Can Cook Dinner”

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A super-easy all-time favourite family-friendly dinner and only 378 calories! (it was featured on my last Cityline segment as one of the five meals). This meat is also amazing on a pizza crust or naan bread topped with cheese! Taco pizza YUUUM!!! If any of you are hunting down any of the five recipes—don’t worry, the remaining three are coming!

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PANTRY TALK – Part 4 of 5 in series - Eating Like A King On A Shoestring Budget
I know… I know… I don’t usually partake in the pantry talk…because of course I want you to plan your week! If you plan your week it means you’re not stuffing your pantry with all kinds of stuff you don’t yet need! True…buuuut…(there’s always a but…only this time it’s a legitimate one!)
If you read Part 3 of Eating Like a King On A Shoestring Budget I strongly advise grocery shopping from your freezer first (but only if you like eating like a king and saving swacks of money!) The reason for this, I explain, is it then frees up money-space for the sale items that aren’t on your Eat Sheet™! This way you never pay full price for meat EVER! You must read that blog if you haven’t! (but skip it if wasting money and throwing away freezer burned meat from 1967 is fun for you!) Ok Ok, I’ll drop the freezer thing! Back to the pantry!

In this blog I'd like to share my pantry list, what I use these items for and how I recommend you choose your pantry items.
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