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My first Level I Fieldwork: Pediatrics
I am happy to  announce  that I have completed my  first Level I fieldwork. I honestly love the learning process. I choose to complete my fieldwork a week before class started. It was a great fit for me. I just emailed a friend that I met at the recent AOTA...

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Why every student should to to an AOTA Conference**Pics included**
My top reasons why every student should attend an AOTA Conference: 1. It is the ultimate prep rally because you see how we are impacting the lives of others! MOTIVATIONAL!     During the Welcoming Ceremony,at the 94th AOTA conference, we were given the plea...

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Visualize Success
Guess what today is????? It is the last day of my Movements class. From what I have learned by speaking with other OTS, is that it is the Kinetics class in other schools. I am so thankful that my teacher for the class has amazing energy. He was balance with...

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I'm going to my first AOTA Conference
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Today I took my last practical for my anatomy class. Guess what??????? I nailed it. I got a 45/50. I am so thankful. Again, thanks so much to my lovely reader Jennifer, who recommended that I get the Netter's flash cards. They were awesome. T...

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New Beginnings
Don't you just love the fact that every session is a new beginning to start all over and try to learn from the challenges that you have over came? I do! I feel that each new session is another chance to learn how to remain calm and pace myself. Monday was o...

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I wanna be L.A.Z.Y
Good evening!!!!!!!! I am super excited because I am on break from school this week. I finished Neuroscience and Psychosocial last Friday. Our University had a Vision and Action Conference that Friday. At the Vision and Action Conference, the graduation cla...

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How are classes you ask?
First off, I need to tell you how excited I was to be able to attend Beyonce's 100th show in Louisville, KY, on the 12th. I have been a die hard Beyonce fan since I was 15!.15 years of loyalty! I am also critical of her too, so I feel that I look at her wit...

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Back in Session
I hope everyone had a good Gobble Gobble Day! We had a blast. We stayed in and watched movies all day. Well... I fell asleep on some of them. I was tired. LOL. Today is my hubby's birthday. I am really blessed to have this man in my life. I did not have a s...

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2nd session down 16 more until I become an OTR!

I was wondering what is the best setting for level II fieldwork? Something that is challenging and that prospective employers would like to see?
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