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I mentioned this on Twitter, but, I figure might as well mention it here, since Google folks seem to respond quickly here. In the past few days, Chrome has become unusable. A very large percentage of pages show up with the error message, saying the page can't be displayed. Reload works sometimes, but if I click away, and click back, I almost always get the same crash/error message again. I tried restarting the browser, no luck. It's to the point where I'm about to drop Chrome. It's a huge productivity drain. It's so bad that even the error message that has a supposed link for suggestions on how to help doesn't work. I click and nothing happens.
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I have the same problem. Windows 7 in last chrome version
+Michael Masnick how many tabs are open ? Happens to me sometimes when too many tabs at the same time... added "TooManyTabs" extension to manage and regularly save my tabs, to clean up Chrome...
Unfortunately, I have to report the same. I was hoping it was my SIP but you described EXACTLY what I have been experiencing.
I have a similar issue. Chrome becomes too slow with more than a few (6-10) tabs open and starts slowing down other programs as well..only solution I have found is to restart chrome. AVG keeps warning me of chrome consuming too much memory. I suspect it is G+ which needs to many extensions to make it useful (and some of them probably leak memory)
Isn't that normally an extension issue? Flash maybe?
+Jim Blaich probably but Flash is built into Chrome and I have disabled the non-chrome version of flash manually.
+Ajay Bharadwaj Correct. Yet some corruption in temporary files or files that should have been removed upon browser closure could cause the same issues when the browser is opened.
Yes, had the same problem ( not so bad the last day or two - I think there was an update?) Chrome also seemed to go into some major disk activity loop once in a while, and stop my whole computer from responding to anything ... this happened to the point where it was quicker to just shutdown the computer than wait for it to stop chewing on my disk.

Probably something to do with a large number of tabs opened (30 or so I would estimate.)

This was on Ubuntu Linux machine BTW.
With just 2 tabs open I have 6 processes spawned. After opening and closing one tab that goes up to 8. I have loved Chrome but it might be time to move on.
I am waiting for the next version of chrome..if this issue is not fixed then you are right, I might have to look at alternatives..the trouble is I like chrome so much that I have not used any other browser for years.
I tried to view this post in Chrome and, ironically, it wouldn't load fully.
GC has been working great for me over the last few days. I have not had a single issue with viewing web pages...
But my father-in-law has seen issues with it on XP. Ajax in-line commenting on a pretty stock website just won't work,
Ok so it isn't just me. I been having very similar problems with GC for the past week. Might be time to go back to Firefox. I hope Google is listening. :)
I've been using Firefox as my default for the most part and I am enjoying it again.
What drives me crazy is that I can open Chrome with just one tab and I have 8 processes running and over 300 Mb of memory usage. I would go back to Firefox but I have seen too many issues with it and for a lot of websites it just loads slow.
This was fixed in chromium 15.something already..
thomas: are you sure it's not just all the cruft embedded on pages that's affecting? Try with noscript, adblock (+easylist, easyprivacy, antisocial), requestpolicy and perhaps also ghostery installed, maybe also tune the pipelining settings..
Experiencing same issue as Thomas, losing 250 mb per day. Will also try another browser...
I am currently using Opera it takes some time to get use to it but is way more stable.   
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