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Is anyone running this game online?

So we finished up the Tomb of Organon Magisteros. Confusion effects can be hilariously near-deadly - one of our Warriors rushed the Ranger and critically beat him with a pry bar to bleeding out. Also, our Kith character now has donkey ears and has joined the Dwarf in the face-pustule club. They have lots of new ancient tech to mess with, too.

On a melancholy note, it looks like we are entering a bit of a hiatus. We usually game every 2 to 3 weeks, but we likely will have a month or so before we can get together (if we're lucky). Any advice on not losing momentum?

In your campaigns (or in your mind), does the Purple Planet house any races that are much more human-like than the Kith? Something analogous to all the non-Green Martians of Barsoom?

Also, continuing Tomb of Organon Magisteros tonight.

So my camping game fell through. The gods were thorough in their efforts: they took down a cell tower at one player's work, cursed another with kidney stones, and afflicted my wife with a sinus infection. Was there ever a chance?

Who is your favorite supporting character in Appendix N?

I've taken quite a shine to Huillam D'Averac from the Runestaff novels.

We played a little over a week ago. First game for our kith character and he rocked it. Tomb of Organon Magisteros is really giving me a lot more to work with than I predicted. One of my players now has a Tusk Terror for a sidekick and another is weeping puss out of his face and walking on goat legs... and we're only halfway through!

+Richard Gould and +John Potts, any action in your campaigns lately?

Anyone played Tabletop RPGs while camping?

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In case anyone is interested, I'm trying to get a Purple Planet brain trust going.

Any advice about saving money at cons? I have my transportation and housing sorted out.

What do you guys do - or what would you do - for some quick and dirty adjudication of combat between war bands and other large groups with 30 members or more?
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