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Gary Barclay
Supporting Healthy and Lasting Lifestyle Change
Supporting Healthy and Lasting Lifestyle Change
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Very impressive.
I would however like to see the calendar feature added. I have one brain that is used for nothing more than a very massive & detailed calendar that I can't see to create in any other calendar tool. 

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Absolutely amazing photos. Spend a moment and enjoy
2012 Travel Stats || Preparing for another 16 hour flight. ^_^

I actually like being on long haul flights. People think I’m absolutely nuts for it but it’s true. I call it my “sit there and do absolutely nothing time.” It’s the perfect excuse for me to catch up on movies and just relax. So tonight, during my 16 hour flight from Dubai to Atlanta, I plan on catching up on the latest season of Dexter. :)

2012 Travel Stats for January - February. (after tonight’s flight)

Flights Taken: 22

Miles Flown: 58,388

Longest Flight: 7598 miles (Dubai to Atlanta) 16 hours

Most miles flown in one day: 10,659 (Singapore to Melbourne, Florida)

Number of flights delayed: 8 out of 22

Flights missed due to delays: 1

Complimentary Upgrades: 15 out of 22 (thank you Delta)

Strangest reason for a delay: Flying from Tokyo to Atlanta they had a computer status error. After about 2 hours they finally tried to re-boot the plane. It worked. ;)
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Here's another one. The science is coming in fast and furious - lifelong mental and physical activity will serve your brain well.

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This article is well worth the reading - that is if you have a brain that you would like to keep.

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Is your brain trying to tell you something? This article may shed some light on that for you.

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Discover how you can live into old age healthy and strong at the Well-BeingBlog. Is It Possible to Live to 100?

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Childhood obesity is a serious problem in this country. Maybe we need a New Perspective on Childhood Obesity at the Well-BeingBlog #blogboost

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