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Wish I was flying right now!
Wish I was flying right now!

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Meeting is a go... Sunday April 2nd 2pm to 5pm at the Wakefield facility. So far we've got 6 or 7 announced attendees and Frank Ritchotte director of manufacturing and customer service has promised to join us for a bit. If you're interested in the Line 6 Helix and are in the area, please join us, and bring whatever gear you want so we can all learn and share how we use it.

So far 5 people with availability on Sunday. 2 prefer between 1-5 the other would like a little later perhaps... Seeming like 2 or 3pm start time is best,
April 2nd

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Organizing a get together this weekend on Saturday or Sunday. Frank Ritchotte from Line 6 will be around and would like to join us.... We will host it at: JamSpot Wakefield

14 Teal Rd, Wakefield, MA

Let us know if you'd like to join us.

Bring your Helix (or just yourself if you don't have one but want to see what they are like), a guitar or two. Let's share some time and ideas together. I'll have at least a laptop and maybe a desktop if we want to share presets. I can even bring an interface (Focusrite 6i6) if it's appropriate...

I put the date on Saturday, but I already have a request for Sunday (they can't make Saturday).  I'm available all weekend.

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Ok, it looks like the Boston Area Line 6 Helix User Group (BAL6HUG)(hmm... that acronym could be a little scary) meeting is a go, assuming we can get people to agree on a time. I spoke to Somerville, and they've got rooms available on Saturday (and Sunday I assume) from 10am to Midnight. I'm thinking a 3 hour time slot? (prices are $35/hr for 240 sqft and $50/hr for 600 or so sqft.. I don't mind covering it, though donations would be appreciated). Whatchyall think?

I'm available all day both days at the moment. Give me some times you'd like to go, I was thinking mid to late afternoon? Apparently lots of parking is available and free. They also have a place in Wakefield, but Somerville seems closer to everyone.

Video newbie here.  I just found Shotcut and I've been playing with it for a couple of days.  I've figured out some of the program, but I'm stuck.... Is it useful for Multicamera work?

I've got video from multiple cameras at multiple views of a subject.  Each video will likely have a different start point from each other.  They may or may not have different resolutions (it seems like they all have the same frame rate).  I'd like to align them using the audio tracks as reference.  Then I'd like to create a single video "stream" (Not an internet stream application, just a single video of the subject) by switching between the different videos at points I choose.

As asked above, is Shotcut useful for this application?

It seems like I'm going to have to create clips from the videos, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the clips into the stream, keeping them aligned properly with the global timeline.

Thanks for creating this product.  When I am able, (assuming I end up using the product), I will be donating.
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