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Every month we are just astounded by the great results we get with Invisalign. Sometimes the patient and we forget how poor the smile was before we got started with Invisalign.
So we have to look back at the beginning.
Here is a very complex case where the patient wanted the 2 back premolars removed so that we could get the canines into the arch. It took at least 18 months, but a stunning smile was created.
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Patients always ask me how good am I with Invisalign?
I always say as good as the patient that wears them. Here is a case in question. Young male had upper and lower crowding, collapsed arches, deep overbite with lower teeth barely visible.
After 18 months we got a great result with Invisalign and now I am treating his wife.
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There's a gap in my aligner!
November 7th, 2014
The Invisalign aligners are the thinnest aligners around, being only 0.3mm. This makes them virtually invisible.
AS they fit sometimes due to the shape of the edges of the teeth there will be a small gap. Sometimes just the thickness of the aligner makes it look like there is a gap.
In most cases however the teeth may not be moving as the Invisalign videos have planned and a gap will appear.
Do not be alarmed as this is quite common and the dentist will review this regularly.
In most cases the teeth can be well aligned even if there is 90% fit.
Be sure to inform your dentist of any concerns and they will be able to reassure you and adjust the treatment.
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