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Ariel Adams
Master Watch Handler at aBlogtoWatch
Master Watch Handler at aBlogtoWatch


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Flattered that the poster we made to celebrate 5000 articles published on aBlogtoWatch has been turned into a watch face for Android Wear.
A few days ago Ablogtowatch posted on their site about reaching their amazing 5000 articles.
Many of us here read every article that Ariel Adams and his team write on the watches we love.
In the light of this I have dedicated this post to my attempt to turn their poster into a watch with a fully functional tourbillon movement.
The escape wheel in the vertical position after each minute.

I have kept the watch as close as possible to the ABTW poster that marks the occasion of the 5000 articles.
Hope you enjoy this piece of history.
Once again a special thanks to +Paul Hurst​​​ my collaboration partner whose code always makes the ordinary extraordinary.
Upload to come shortly.

Below is the original article by Ariel Adams.

Watch link below

Tap centre of watch for hand options.
Default (green/yellow), white and sketched.
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this is our life...
Welcome to our tens of thousands of new daily readers from all over the world, in 2014!  You should know we take ourselves pretty seriously here at aBlogtoWatch, so, we do expect the same from you.

Fair warning. This is the life we have chosen.

Happy Friday :-)
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