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Want to save 20 bucks and make your own nest?

#DIY #BirdNest #Easter #Spring #MagnoliaMarket #SpanishMoss

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A couple of weeks ago when I went to Magnolia Market with my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law, we saw a lot of things we liked.  One of those being a cute little bird nest.  But I couldn’t bring myself to pay $20+ dollars for it.  I told them we could make…

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My excuse to purchase flowers every week! #VintageBottles #Centerpiece Share and Like!

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers?  I actually know one person who is allergic therefore isn’t a fan – poor thing.   I feel sorry for her.  You can see from the picture below I like all kinds of flowers, even weeds/wild flowers.  And that I prefer to keep…

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I laughed so hard, tears ran down my leg. #familytrip #Colorado

For those of you who don’t know, my father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and lost his wife of 55 years about two years ago.   Even though he is still one of the sweetest, kindest, most gentle souls in all the land, the disease is taking away bits and pieces of…

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One of these days I'll get to eat al fresco at the farmhouse. #TableVignettes #FarmhouseStyle #Alfresco Share it!

I’ve always wanted to dine “al fresco” in Navasota.  Doesn’t that sound fancy shmancy?  Aaal frescooo.  But even though I can mix a fancy Italian word that means outside with a farmhouse yard and a view of moss covered trees and cows, there’s still a few…

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I've turned into a do-it-myselfer! #DIY #FarmhouseStyle #Galvanized #TableTop Don't forget to Like and Share!

I didn’t like the table and chairs that were originally in the farmhouse.  It was ugly, sat only 4 people and the chairs were uncomfortable.  Uh yeah, no thanks.  This gave me the opportunity to go through my furniture warehouse.  I know not many people…

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I found a new favorite place to shop! #farmhouse #vintage #farmhousestyle Share and Like!

This last weekend I made a visit to my BFF and we went to the grand opening of The Painted Tree Vintage Market in North Richland Hills, TX.  They describe it as a community of shoppes.  It has new and vintage items, home decor, handmade things, art,…

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Party over here, ooh, ooh! Party over there, ooh, ooh! #Farmhouse #Patriotic #Decor Subscribe to my blog :)

Okay so last week when I made the vintage inspired pillows (if you missed it, check it out here), I got all pumped up to decorate the outside too.  I gathered what we already had, a few dollar store extras, a couple of plants and voila, now the farmhouse…

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I said cloche it , not close it. #DIY #FarmhouseStyle #Rustic Share and Like!

Have you heard of a Cloche?  It has a few different meanings but I’m going to talk about the one Merriam-Webster defines as – a bell shaped dome cover made of glass or plastic used to display or protect ornamental objects. I have a glass cloche but really…

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Think outside the big box craft store for vintage decor #vintage #decor #farmhousestyle Read, Like, Subscribe, Share!

Now that I have a farmhouse to take care of, I can’t go all Hobby Lobby or chain craft store on it, so I decided this year when decorating for July 4th, I wanted something different and something with vintage charm. Whatever I found needed to be…

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It's not all about bleeding maroon. #shopping #vintage #antiques Like and Share!

My daughter and I decided to spend an afternoon in Bryan, Texas and get a little shopping done.  First of all, don’t go on a Monday.  Most of the antique stores were closed but we enjoyed it anyway. I think the Bird’s Nest Gifts and Antiques was my…
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