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Using Social Media as Conversation Stations for Small Business
Using Social Media as Conversation Stations for Small Business

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Is Your Small Business Website Ready for Visitors?

I've found the three main reasons consumers visit a small business website are:
 - Looking for a phone number to call
 - Wanting to know the hours or location of a business
 - Doing research before they buy 

Does your site have this information at the ready?

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Perseverance Pays Off

Where did "Content Marketing" gets its start? And how did we get here and now? Good stuff (and strength) +Joe Pulizzi

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Small Business Inventory

Are your online shelves stocked and faced? Every blog post, tweet, and status update becomes part of your online inventory.

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Your Keyboard is Your Gridiron

Keep Your Fingers Pumping

While the long strides and fancy spins get attention, it's the short quick, continuous drive that makes the best ... the best.

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Read a Post to Practice Video

One of the ways you can get better at video, especially on Google+ 'Record-n-Publish' is to simply read a previous post out loud - yours or someone else's post.

1) You get better at speaking
2) By reading your post, you hear it and possibly recognize how to write better
3) Your presence in front of a video recording becomes more comfortable
4) The practice prepares you for camera presence during the Hangouts you'll soon be doing

And now's the time to try it. Share it with a limited number of friends, heck - make it public. Chances are you're still just getting started with your Google+ Business Page.

One idea. Talk about other people's posts, then link to those pages within the G+ piece of your video. Be the Resource (

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Facebook Exodus: It's Business

Facebook's new timeline can get kind of confusing with the privacy choices. It may even cause some to leave Facebook. It did for +Tracy Sestili (one whose opinion and actions I've learned to trust).

Maybe Facebook's new timeline (and Tracy's steps below, which included video capture of her exit) will lead some to take steps ... away.
Timeline forced me out of Facebook. Join me in the Leave Facebook Movememnt and check out what drove me out about the Timeline.

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G+: Record Video at a Click of a Button

With the new Web Camera Video record and publish feature, maybe this is how your Google Plus Business page publishes content in a new way.

How this plays with the new Search Plus Your World of if you can port one-click videos into YouTube remains to be seen.

HT to +Steve Garfield for putting me on the lookout. Time to go re-read his book, Get Seen

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"Don’t let congress strip us of the freedom on free information"

via +Tisha Oehmen and +Mike Frey at +Paradux Media Group

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Free iPhone App - Video Editor

Is this a great time to be alive or what? Such toys!

via +Mashable

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MadLibs Startup Pitch

The one-sentence "porch pitch" has long been a favorite. Get it down to a sentence and your writing becomes concise, your decisions quick, your actions impactive.

Give this a shot - why not?
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