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Last summer, I spent several months working with Google’s Knowledge team in Mountain View, working with Jeff Dean and an incredible group of scientists and engineers who have a real shot at making spectacular progress in machine learning. Together with two of my recent graduate students, Ilya Sutskever and Alex Krizhevsky (who won the 2012 ImageNet competition), I am betting on Google’s team to be the epicenter of future breakthroughs. That means we’ll soon be joining Google to work with some of the smartest engineering minds to tackle some of the biggest challenges in computer science. I’ll remain part-time at the University of Toronto, where I still have a lot of excellent graduate students, but at Google I will get to see what we can do with very large-scale computation.
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Congrats! I've been following your work for a while, and I'm sure you will do great things at Google. You should consider doing a tech talk for the engineering interns this summer!
Kai Yu
Have fun, Geoff! 
Andrew Ng
Congrats, Geoff! :-) 
Google will be deeper and deeper!
Congratulations!  Hopefully we'll see you again on occasional visits to campus at UCB...
I agree. Google is the best bet right now. Best of luck! 
Congratulations to you and your team!
 Your team is incredibly strong and productive, I wanna to see how will it amaze us changing industry.
  and please if any opportunity....public lectures on the recent most advanced stuff, please
Rich experience + Big Data & Powerful Computation, great thing will happen! Congrats!
Congratulations and good luck with everything! 
Congratulations to you and +Google for getting together I bet that will help pushing up the current computer science :D
Congrats, though I loved how +Alex Krizhevsky said he trained the ImageNet winner in his bedroom.  I guess next year's entry will be closed source and require a cluster of 128 computers. ;-)
Congratulations! Eager to see the great things you can do together.
Bo Yang
Congratulations! It seems more and more machine learning scientists are joining Google.
Good Luck Dr. Hinton! You've made a huge (positive) impact on my life through your Coursera offering, and I'm glad to see your knowledge and expertise will be touching the whole world through Google. Congratulations!
Great to see this. An awesome group at Google!
Li Deng
Congrats and good luck with everything!
I look forward to seeing what you accomplish at Google. Hopefully I'll manage to get to a level of expertise that will be useful somewhere on the team a few years down the road. My life goal has always been to be a part of the team that makes the first self-aware computer. Currently learning the details of deep convolutional neural networks. Deep belief networks are next on my list.
我在微博上发表的评论:啊呀,Google收购多伦多大学一家初创公司DNNResearch: 重点在于,这家公司的负责人是+Geoffrey Hinton ,Deep Learning的领军人物。G公司果然在下一盘大棋,目测什么苹果Amazon微软Facebook都赶不上了,下一个帝国呼之欲出。
Google quite litteraly went off the deep end. Good for them. Good for Geoff.
Kai Yu
+Yann LeCun, how much? what's the number? :) 
That's great Geoff :) Remember we are a CalTrain and BART away.
Congratulations. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge in the past. Looking forward to the future. 
Welcome to building 42. When are you starting?
Huge news! I am so excited the best infrastructure and data in the world just got paired with one of its best minds. Keep up the excessively awesome work.
Congrats! Looking for your next big work with Google.
Which office are you joining and what can you say about the projects you'll be working on?  I'm a uni student, and would be a real pleasure to work with you as an intern or potentially a post-grad job. Currently doing your Coursera neural nets class and it's awesome. :) 
Congratulations Geoff! Or I should say, congratulations Google!
Congrats Geoffrey. It looks like Google is building a superstar team of AI experts.
Congratulations! I took your Neural Network Coursera course, and enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.
Welcome to the bay area Prof. GH. Look forward to hearing some more google brain work in person.
Industrial Perception is 1 mile from Google. After you're settled, we'll have you out for our occasional "Friday Smoker" BBQ and Beer where we demo stuff and generally have random startup people over.
Outstanding, Geoff!  See you on campus!
Congrats Geoffrey, this is very awesome news.  I'm sure there is some awesome things that you and your team will accomplish @ Google.
Looking forward to great progress in machine learning.  Congratulations Prof. Hinton.
Wow! Congratulations - started to do you coursera course and came across this post - great endorsement on the coursework!!!
+Geoffrey Hinton congrats to you and your team from an old UofT eng grad. Wish I were young again to contribute to your endeavour. 
DNN on Search? sounds very challenging! looking forward to it!
I don't have the time to follow your excellent course on Coursera about Neural Networks, but I will listen to it while dish washing.
hello Mr. Geoffrey ... how can I integrate your team ? I'm 46 years old Electronic Eng. but worked past 26+ years with Information Technology and I would like to participate on this !!! Regards !
You can start by finishing the Coursera course on Neural Networks by Geoffrey himself.
Sounds amazing. I am learning your courses, professor. Hope  I can understand the courses quickly and become an export in  deep learning.
hi i'm not to much understand English . any way thanks my friend 
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