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New hair is always exciting. :)
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Dominick Willis

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Dominick Willis

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Dammit Jim! I'm an amber ale not a full bodied stout.

Beer me up, Scotty.
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People in real life give me the strangest looks when I do this... 

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I would love to see a system that could actually enforce this suggestion. I realize that making the government squash such lunacy isn't par actual or in many cases legal. And violence to quash these fools only fuels their persecution complex.

Forcing a means of wagering, though put their stunted sense of manhood on the line. Either put up or shut up. And given the choice, most of them are far too cowardly to actually back up their claims.
Here is another hallmark: jibbering-loony paranoia.  

“Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’.”  A large but relatively routine exercise to train troops in counter-terrorism methods has become the latest Black Helicopters fantasy in the minds of the whole posse comitatis crowd. Conspiracy theorists claim it’s an attempt to institute martial law, possibly in collusion with (I kid you not) Wal-Mart. Ted Cruz has signed up to share the Koolaid.  And in response, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has ordered the State Guard to 'monitor' federal troops there during the exercise. (Without explaining what 'monitor' means. Never mind that the president can legally federalize the state guard, any time he chooses.)

Putting aside the spectacular insult to our men and women in uniform — any ONE of whom would blow the whistle if anything even 0.01% as nefarious were actually going on.  You know this is not about modeling reality, at any level.  It is about stoking the insatiable engine of the Indignation Industry.  Hence, disproof won’t make a scintilla of difference.  Open transparency will help a bit. (I almost always prescribe big doses, to ensure that Big Brother does stay far away: as he is right now.) Transparency will limit the number of frenzied conspiracy nuts to a screeching small-but-deeply-harmful minority.  

But even transparency will only see to it that they'll back out of THIS howling mania, gleeful in the after-rush of sanctimony, looking for the next one to wave about, shrugging off any reminder that they predicted, in 2008, that "Obama will take all our guns." Safe in the serene knowledge that the rest of us will fight like hell to preserve their right to be raving morons.

Is the situation hopeless?  Not! There is a method.  One that absolutely works. Let me repeat that. It works. And it works absolutely. That is, if you parse it carefully.

And not one Blue American of stature has ever once (to my knowledge) actually used this sure-fire method for forcing conspiracy nut-jobs to back off.

Demand wagers. Put money on it. Offer odds. Insist they step up and offer stakes, like real-men. If they are so sure of their paranoid ravings — sure enough to throw America into fever after fever and thus harm us all and insult our professional warriors — then they ought to be willing… even eager… to take my money in a bet!  Watch... oh watch how they backpedal, the instant there are actual consequences to foaming at the mouth.  The instant facts and evidence threaten to have real bite.

Let me link you to my earlier posting about this. And I am serious. It is a weapon Sane America never, ever uses… even though it is one that will work.  It works; and it is a sign of the raw stupidity of liberals, that they have not learned how to wield this sword.

Try it!  Read the write-up. Offer wagers. Watch how fast the cheap cowards back off!
The army says it's a training simulation. Some Texans say it's an armed takeover.
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What am I looking at?
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If you are like most people, you probably detest making or receiving telephone calls. They're intrusive, requiring your urgent attention; uncomfortable; difficult to hear; unreliable. But if you're old enough to have been making frequent phone calls 20 years ago, you may remember (at least hazily) that it wasn't always like this; people used to spend hours on the phone, quite happily. What happened?

Not unexpectedly, this has to do with the rise of the cell phone. But the exact factors are surprising. It includes everything from ergonomics (your cell phone is optimized to be easily carried, not easily nest between ear and shoulder), to microphone and speaker design (if you look at a phone handset and compare it to your cell, you'll notice big differences), to obscure details of the way voice calls are encoded over the wire.

The last one is interesting: early in the days of telephony, phones started to only transmit the "voice band" part of sound, between 300 and 3,400Hz, as a way to save space and increase the reliability of transmission. Starting in the early 60's, this was encoded deeply into the ways that electronic switches transmitted voice over the phone lines. It turns out that for conversations in quiet rooms this is fine, but (as we've recently discovered) in noisy areas, the human brain relies much more on higher frequencies, up to 5,000Hz or so, to process sound. That's one major reason why phone calls are hard to understand even when you have a good connection.

And, of course, you frequently don't: if you're indoors you often have a poor connection, and connection drops are just something we think of as part of life. Those are really properties of the cell network itself, which in turn are products of things like poorly-orchestrated competition (each cell company shall have its own completely independent cell network, so phones can only talk to antennas built by one company!) to rampant NIMBYism. (Many neighborhoods try to fight against having cell towers installed, for fear that they will look ugly [they're easy to conceal] or will cause cancer [they don't]. What they do do is make your cell signals reliable.)

And so on, and so forth. The decline of the telephone call, in short, was a product of all of the design decisions we made to make the telephone more portable, which in turn made it more useful as a device for doing things like typing and gesturing than a way to talk to people.

So the next time you get annoyed with someone who wants to actually call you, you know what to blame.
Our telephone habits have changed, but so have the infrastructure and design of the handset.
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This might just be the ultimate Star Trek accessory: a faithful replica of the sci-fi show's iconic Communicator device that works as both a Bluetooth handset for your phone and as a portable...
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What a fantastic series of photos.  I've never even thought about what the end of the Great Wall must be like before....
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Escape from Facebook!
Well, my full name is Juan Dominick Willis.  Anyone who knows me should know that already, though, so I guess that should narrow things down sufficiently.  :-P
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Lettered in quiz bowl in high school. Can list on one hand the number of other people I've met named Dominick (even fewer with that spelling). Um... and I'm awesome?
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