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San Simon the Land of Sun, Sea and Moon!
NSDP Facade November 15, 1771 - A date in the pages of history which we need to remember. We know when Manila was founded. We know when Jose Rizal died. We know when EDSA I happened. But do we know when was our humble town founded? NOVEMBER 15, 1771 - THE D...

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The Dying Traditions of Baryu San Pedru (part 1 of 2)
Baryu San
Pedru is biggest barrio in San Simon. It is maybe the most populated barrio in
the town. The establishment of San Pedro as a barrio can be traced back since
1853. Before that San Pedro was just a Sitio named Kutkut (graveyard; to dig). Kuraldal 20...

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Viva Apung Iru! Ninu i Apung Iru?
Apung Iru ning Apalit Photo courtesy of Flickr Libad
ng Apung Iru is fast approaching and the people from the Pampanga Riverbanks, especially
our kabalens in Apalit, are now preparing for this much anticipated river
celebration in honor of Apung Iru. June 2...

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Pandi ning Indung Kapampangan (Flag of the Pampanga Nation)
had been a nation long before the Philippine Archipelago has been a ‘nation.’
It has its own culture, language, mythology, philosophy, political structure
and a flag. A flag symbolizes a distinct country or nation ( It
represents the...

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Siuálâ ning Pámangulait: Nínu na Íng Kapampángan King Baiung Panaun?
Isúlat ke iti king
amánu da reng dáiû (English). Masakit man para kaku na alî king Am ánung Sisuan ia misúlat iti. Atin
Ku Pung Singsing Metung Iang Timpukan Amana
Ke iti King Indung Ibatan Sangkan
Keng Sininup King
Metung a Kaban Me-alaya
iti e ku Amalayan...

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Ing Amánu at Ing Alâ
King alâ menibat ing egana gana. Kaya megumpisa kaya mapúpus.  Ing alâ ing penibatan ning siuálâ. Dápot ing siuálâ mámúnga iang amánu Kareting amánu mibait la reng dalit. Lumábung la reting dalit at mítúbud la reng kanta... Kantang mamie bie king alâ... Pám...

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Luid Ka Indûng Kapampángan!
Kúle ning Indûng Kapampángan Kapampángan, sále ning legwan Kapampángan, sandalan ning katimawan Kílub ning púsu mi atin kang dambana Luid ka! Luid ka! Palsintan ming Kapampángan!

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Pále a kakanan ta Bápûng Tálâ tírû na Keti iátu neng mítúbud ia Pára king kapaldanan ning egana gana
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